Teaching leaders the feminine model for creating influence.


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Are you ready to discover the energy you need to create your dreams?

The Feminine Influencers Group Coaching is for people who want to learn, grow, manifest, and make an impact. Using a dynamic three pronged approach, you will discover that your inner feminine magic is real. Are you ready to be take your business and your life to the next level? Are you ready to be connected to something bigger than yourself? Read on to learn more about this life-changing program.


Access the feminine magic you need to thrive in life and create your greatest dreams.

Feminine Influencers teaches how to create the life you desire. The life that is your divine purpose.

Because the forces that shape our lives aren’t actually magic. They are real, and only when we understand these forces of the universe and how they are interconnected can we achieve our divine purpose.

The Journey

Journey through each of the stages of influence from a spiritual, personal, and experiential level to create impact in your world around you.

The Soul Work

Discover the magic, mysticism, and infinite supply of creativity and support as you activate your divine Feminine Energy Channel and create more clarity in your personal and professional life.

Your Inner Energy

Cultivate your soul purpose as you learn to harness the 11 billion thoughts that bombard your energy field every second as you and open the physical energy and nervous systems to integrate the bio-energetics of spiritual field.

Your Impact

Expand and influence as you weave the cycles of the feminine and your soul purpose into your daily life and business and manifest the resources, community, and opportunities of your dreams. 


  • We teach you to strengthen your intuition to experience greater, clarity, confidence and calm.
  • We teach you to activate deep levels of creativity and maximize your potential. 
  • We activate & attune your body to the feminine layers of influence.
  • We tap the cutting edge of consciousness and learn to live, work, and play from there.



Your time is now

Our world has never been more ready, or in such deep need, of full throttle expression of the feminine. Awaken the feminine and learn to weave it into the fabric of your life and business.

What to Expect: 

Learn your core feminine strengths to release your push-go masculine mindset limitations as you learn the rituals & spiritual practices to lead from a powerful deeply aligned plan of action.

  • Intuitive training and development for the whole body so you can think with a "feminine mindset"
  • Training on how to nurture and support your core feminine energy.
  • Soul Purpose Clarity and Alignment Map
  • Ancient Mystery school teachings
  • The Model for a Feminine Business
  • The cycles and rhythms of a feminine mindset and business
  • Deep integration of feminine practices, rituals, and routines

What you get:

  • Monthly Video Training and Content featuring Kari and other Feminine Influencers 
  • Workbook and study guide to deepen your experience
  • Live Monthly group activation call
  • Office Hours for one-one deep dives
  • Live weekly Meditation an Breath work 
  • The Intuitive Influence Technique (TM) Certification
  • Access to the Take a Mind Break Meditation Program

Why is Feminine Influencers so Effective?

Our unique practices help women to re-wire their nervous systems and deepen their spirituality so that leadership becomes an experience of safety, power, joy and freedom.

The commitment:

Feminine Influencers is a ten month online & group guided journey.

Each month, there are a variety of  coaching options to choose from, you can choose one or do them all. 

After 10 months you are eligible for certification in the Intuitive Influencer Coaching Technique*.

*To qualify for certification you must participate in monthly meetings, and submit required homework self and group coaching modules.



Women around the world are wanting support in leading, creating, parenting and attracting success as they truly are rather than suppression aspects of themselves to fit into a masculine driven culture and model for leadership. 

This suppression has resulted in an epidemic of low self-esteem, disconnection from purpose and unprecedented levels of depression and anxiety.

BUT DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. Here's what others are saying:

"Kari is an incredible guide and coach who listens deeply and validates her clients. Her meditations and energy work will have you feeling healthy and vibrant, and ready to take on the world with passion and purpose! When I need a reset, Kari is my go-to!"

Monique Catoggio
Creator Modern Day Executive Medicine Woman

"Time with Kari is life changing. My life has pivoted, my heart has opened, and my body has ascended because of the space she holds for me. they remind me of my divinity and awaken the dreamer and the healer in me with pragmatic direction and wise feedback."

Debbie Rodriguez
Creator Debbie Magic

"Kari helped me get perspective on how to leverage relationships and stay grounded through active meditations."

Debbie Wilkinson
Vice President at Harvard Jolly Architecture

"Working with Kari has inspired me mentally, emotionally and professionally. My network and confidence expanded exponentially. I find more time in my day to focus on what I really care about and no longer sweat the small stuff. "

Julie McMahon
Business Development Manager Woolems, Inc.

It's time for feminine centered leadership.

I know you feel these pains and the huge potential to contribute to the transformation and impact your community, family and kids. 

The potential you feel is real. But as you step into a leadership role you may find yourself experiencing frustration and confusion because you're not yet making the impact that reflects your full potential and lacking clarity on how to specifically weave your feminine intelligence into the main stream masculine model. 


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