The Feminine Influencers

JOIN the Feminine Influencers Online Community and Ignite Your Inner Fire NOW!

Join Kari & the Influencers and explore the inner world of the feminine!

Monthly mastermind for Influencers that features:

  • Live! Weekly group sessions where we will work with frequencies, fields, and healing energy of that weeks Feminine Influencer Goddess to align your inner feminine with it's highest potential
  • Weekly amazing Goddess insight
  • Instant access to a library of meditations and videos on a whole range of intuitive development techniques
  • Ask questions, get answers, and connect with others from around the world in the online forum.
  • Receive 10% off on readings from the Feminine Influencer Priestesses!
  • Receive special offers, discounts, raffles and more from Kari and the Influencer team on workshops, store items, and more!
  • Make friends and share ideas on the private Facebook Group page solely for the Community!


We've gathered a powerful group of Priestesses &  leading Feminine Influencers--all experts in the spiritual, energy, and mental wellness communities to create an unprecedented educational experience.

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  • 15 Day Self-Study Workshop to learn the Ignite Intuitive Technique
  • Monthly Office Hours to ask Kari Anything!
  • Bonus 1-1 Goddess Reading with Kari




  • Bonus 1-1 Goddess Reading with Kari!
  • Live Weekly Goddess Attunements
  • Feminine Influencer Community Discounts




  • Live Weekly Goddess Attunements
  • Feminine Influencer Community Discounts
  • Amazing Online Community
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Monique Catoggio

Learn your unique Flow so you can Lead powerfully– and I do it with both a touch of practicality and a touch of mysticism!

Adriana Foster

An advocate for empowering individuals with “FOSTER Nights,” a unique movement of concerts that merge my passion for music with tools for personal development.

Debbie Rodriguez

My name is Debbie Rodriguez and I am a Miami-based “bruja” dedicated to empowering you and others like you to consciously create life on your terms. I do this through coaching, reiki + energy work, Akashic readings, and hypnosis.

Ignite Your Inner Influencer!

What is an Influencer? Someone who wants to improve themselves and the world around them every day.
The problem is, many of us high performers can’t access our full potential because we take on too much emotionally, energetically, and physically. As a result the clients, deadlines, bills, passive-aggressive friends & family (you fill in the blank) render us exhausted. 
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Let's face it: your problem is not one of money, time, or resources.

The problem is that being an Influencer can weigh you down.

And we have not previously understood how to weave spiritual feminine energy, emotional, and energy body perspectives to release some of the heavy burden we inadvertently carry around--UNTIL NOW!
Most development training separates spirituality, thought leadership and the mechanics of the energy body. What I've discovered is by weaving the spiritual lessons of the feminine into modern thought leadership is the secret to feeling good, creating dramatic, long lasting, and effective impact. 

In addition to not feeling weighed down, this will fundamentally change the way you approach challenges in your daily life.

Connect with your in charge of creativity, imagination, intuition and insight in entirely new ways.

Much like going to the gym, learn how to maintain "flow state" and operate consistently at peak performance.

Expand your emotional intelligence and enhancing levels of closeness that promote better connection and understanding between clients, professional partners, family, and personal relationships.

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Enrollment opens March 14th!

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