Rev. Kari Caldwell

High Priestess, Creator of the Light Codes and Intuitive Coaching Mentor


I'm Kari Caldwell,

A Spiritual Entrepreneur, High Priestess, Speaker and Author that supports conscious, creative entrepreneurs in their endeavors to follow their intuitive perceptions and answer their call from the universe so that they may create impactful businesses and lifestyles.

As a serial entrepreneur, spiritual mentor, and mom I deeply understand the desire to fulfill our greatest potential, while not exhausting ourselves in the process, especially in our time starved, sensory-overloaded society.

As founder of Soul School, a modern mystery school, the Feminine Influencers online community, and creator of the Light Codes I get the unique opportunity to weave the stories of ancient mystery schools, energy medicine techniques and quantum soul mechanics into modern, applicable perspectives so that thought leaders may identify strategic energetic opportunities for growth and ignite their creative genius—without experiencing overwhelm.

Through my thirst for spiritual expansion and understanding, I’ve learned to blend spiritual practices and perspectives to create the Light Codes a next-generation energy therapy system that makes a strong and meaningful impact on clients ability to release push-go, hustle masculine patterns and balance with manifest, magnetize and make magic feminine ways of creating their world.

I am a sought out thought leader, speaker, and author that inspires women to pursue their dreams and make an impact.

Xo, Kari


About The Light Codes

The Light Codes are a series of perspectives and active meditation techniques that were created to help you understand how to enhance your inner neuro-circuitry so you may harness the greater amounts of high-frequency energy available to us.

By specifically identifying the True North of how your soul is seeking to manifest the feminine and masculine "currents" of energy that align with your Soul Purpose and then capturing these patterns in your body, you'll learn how to activate your maximum potential.

We'll illuminate the relationships of quantum energy, emotions and bio- mechanics so you may navigate psychic weather patterns moving through your Life.

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About Priestess

The Divine Feminine initiatory mysteries of Priestess are alive within each of us.
They are encoded and living within our DNA, in our sacred body temples.
They are as old as the ancient hills, yet as current as a thousand years into the future.

The Initiatory process of the Priestess is derived from an ancient linage that has been handed down over the centuries. Adapted for our modern needs by Nicole Christine, the process teaches you not only the inner workings and dynamics of feminine energy, mythology, and mechanics, but also how to maintain "flow state" and operate consistently at peak performance.

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About Kari

I deeply understand the challenge of nourishing our own and our families lives in a non-focused and time-starved society. Since I was sixteen, I’ve endeavored to heal my chronic migraines and along the way manage all of the related symptoms, including excessive weight gain and depression. On the outside my life was full of apparent successes and happiness, but on the inside was fraught with the insecurity of not believing I could ever care for myself or have enough energy to keep up with my growing family of three boys! 

My migraines taught me to make stress management a top priority. With the increasing pressure of running a successful real estate business and three young kids my stress management skills was severely compromised.

Over the years I believed there had to be a miraculous cure, or diet or trigger that was the root of my problems. But instead of a “magic pill”, I discovered a new perspective; an energetic perspective. 

My journey from the real estate & construction world into spirituality unfolded in my never-ending pursuit to quench my thirst for greater understanding. I immersed myself in the study of mythology, Christian mysticism, Eastern Philosophy, Goddess Lineage. And while the pursuit of numerous certifications in psychic principles, energy medicine, health coaching, emotional intelligence, quantum mechanics, Interfaith Ministry and Angel Healing, it was not until I found the Priestess that I experienced a full physical synthesize of the universal laws, feminine energy, ancient ways with modern science.

Now, in my never-ending pursuit to clean up my “karmic” mess (this life--and yes, past) and fulfill my deep calling to be the best parent and leader I can be, I’ve discovered that it is much easier to do when we understand the evolution of our soul and the collective evolution of humanity.

These understandings not only guide us through the challenging transitions through life but help us identify the vision for the next generation of leaders and guide them powerfully from adolescence into adulthood.

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