Living Beyond the Veil

Is a membership based quantum training community that combines energy medicine, modern mysticism, and cutting edge spiritual teachings and techniques to help you activate your unique inner genius a.k.a. Light Factor and manifest your dreams from the quantum field of potentiality. 


Have you noticed how some people, no matter how much they work never seem to catch a break, while others seemingly work less yet constantly find themselves in fortuitous situations that we attribute to “luck!" Many of us have learned that our direct ability to achieve success depends exclusively on how much effort we put in and how efficiently we take action. But what we don’t factor are the natural cycles of manifesting and our unique intuitive skills or Light Factor  (a.k.a. our inner genius) that connects us to these natural manifesting cycles. As a result many people experience the Manifesting Paradox:

“The harder you work, the less success you will experience.”

This phenomenon occurs not because of a lack of desire, but rather an acquired ability to get things done in a linear, if this, then that, fashion without utilizing our Inner genius and Intuitive Strengths. 

Just imagine what you could accomplish if those linear constraints were to disappear and you knew exactly what your inner genius was about and how to access and apply it's endless supply of creativity.

We don’t need a miracle or a great stroke of luck….What we need is a path that shows us how to access this mindset and our unique Light Factor energy so we can tap into the power within the universe and everything in it (including you)!

Unveil your Light Factor

The Light Factor is your unique and essential essence within you, your inner genius, that empowers you to be an influencing force that often defies expectations and can overcome the greatest of odds. Drawing on the wisdom teachings of the goddess and harnessing the quantum field of potentiality, you'll learn the essential elements needed to take control of your destiny and make your greatest dreams a daily reality.



Living Beyond the Veil is a Membership Program Designed to teach you how to power up your Light Factor, own your inner genius, and manifest with your magic every day.

The Light Factor Method teaches that you are energy, and how to power your energy with new paradigm leadership thought perspectives, quantum spirituality and ancient mystery school teachings. You will learn when to tap into each facet of your energy in order to create the best results for your life, your business and the human beings you serve.


In the Living Beyond the Veil Membership

You'll learn the tools and the mindset you need to activate and engage your unique Light Factor and live your life from a limitless mindset and vibrational field.  Based on your natal chart (astrology) and your core personal desires we'll develop a plan to enhance your key intuitive strengths so you know what path to follow in your career, health, relationships and investments so you can turn what you want, into the life you want to live!

  • Get clarity on when to push hard in life, and how to easefully "let go" without challenge
  • What types of relationships enhance your greatest potential and how to identify and economize energy and time with less beneficial ones
  • Your key strengths that over time may stagnate and lead to unforseen challenges
  • What themes in life to focus on to spark your creative flow ALL THE TIME
  • Say Yes! Learn to quickly identify relationships and opportunities that hold greatest potential and what to avoid
  • Optimize your intuitive strengths and minimize learned patterns that keep you out of synchronicity

But don't take my Word...

Here's What Other's are Saying About Living Beyond the Veil

Aileen Castellano, Wealthness Coach and Ascension Mentor

Kari opened up another dimension of understanding. Kari beautifully explains complex concepts so they're easy to understand and every day helps me stay rooted in my greater vision. I’m so deeply grateful to be part of such a powerful program.

Dr. Shivani Gupta, Modern Ayurveda & Fusionary Formulas

Time with Kari is priceless. Working with Kari is a powerful step in the direction of exceeding my own expectations. Kari’s Method integrates beautifully with my teachings in Ayurveda, making it easy to ground and manifest. Kari is a phenomenal teacher!


What You'll Get 


Devotional tools for a Soul Fed life:

The Light Factor is your

  • Masterclass topics such as the Council of Light, the Akashic Records, Goddesses, the Magdalenes, the Sisterhood of the Rose, Rising Feminine Archetypes and more
  • Powerful activations and initiations to connect you to the wisdom of your soul
  • Beautiful rituals + everyday sacred DIY's
  • Powerful meditations for healing, manifestation and increasing your intuition
  • Meditations, chants, healings and tools at varying lengths (from 5 minutes to 50 minutes) so you can always find something to raise your vibration and get centred, no matter how busy you are
  • New meditations and Soul Journeys channeled by Kari and sent straight to your inbox

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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Ready to let go of the fear, the anxiety and the need to control?

Ready to learn to trust that the Universe has a plan far better than yours?

Ready to live a life that's better than anything you could have imagined?