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I Broke My Broom--LITERALLY

Oct 11, 2019

My life lately has felt like a freight train steaming ahead—and at any moment I could encounter something on the tracks and totally derail. In fact it’s so profound, that a few times lately, I have derailed. A particular moment of unyielding emotion overflowed this past weekend—all over my unsuspecting kids, ultimately ending with me sweeping so hard that I broke my broom. I wish I could claim my emotional outburst was due to a really big mess up. Or that something I’d been working at fell through. But I can’t—I have no good excuse for completely throwing an age appropriate tantrum for a 3 year old.

I wish I could claim that there was a huge a-ha or that somehow I created an opportunity to heal some underlying grievance. But the reality is, I didn’t. So often we’re looking for an answer;  some way to categorize and file away so we don’t have to go there again. But the reality is sometimes we need space to be emotional, to process stress, to give what doesn’t always get voice, a voice.

Our society focuses heavily on wrapping ourselves up into perfect emotional bows. But to harness our power and get to the next level, sometimes it gets to be ugly before we can grow.  Learning to work with feminine energy is about creating expansion. This means we get to expand in all capacities. Learning how to hold our emotions in a powerful way, first requires we accept them. And the process of acceptance is never perfection. After all, we can’t always predict what organic, feminine growth is going to look like. But we can create the space to mess it up and to be honored for our courage for going after our dreams time and time again.  

My ability to influence and make an impact doesn’t come from an ability to be perfect. Rather, my strength comes from knowing that feminine goddess energy is taking all of our imperfections and channeling them into a unique bag of tricks. And knowing that our individual inner genius usually comes from the messes, so sometimes all we need is a new broom and a little bit of forgiveness.

So if you’re feeling unbalanced, seeking clarity, or just trying to get one of your desires to align with your daily reality, I invite you to join me in the upcoming webinar Master Your Feminine Energy; 3 Steps to Think Like a Goddess and Create Influence.

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