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Launching The Feminine Influencers Podcast!

Jan 01, 2020

Welcome to the Feminine Influencers Podcast! I'm Kari Caldwell, Priestess and creator of the Feminine Influencers Community. I'm honored your joining us on this podcast where we get to deep dive into my favorite topic, "the feminine"--and explore how the re-emergence of this amazing, powerful word and the energy it represents in a cultural, political, religious, spiritual, and business context is reshaping and redefining who we are as individuals and a human race. 

The purpose of this podcast is to provide perspective, dispel myths and give context to hopefully invoke equilibrium between your masculine and feminine (a.k.a. your push-push, go-go and sit back dream and receive) energies so you can grow. 

On the podcast I plan to share weekly stories of the 1st Feminine Influencers' stories that have endured from generation to generation; the stories of the goddess, so that in this new light, this new vibration we all may get to know the feminine in ourselves, embody it, and bring balance to both our masculine and feminine. 

So whether you are new to spirituality or long in your journey, I am confident you will find inspiring insights that will help you discover freedom in a way that you've never known before and give voice to your own inner authority and deepen your connection with love and your self through the channel and stories that we share here. 

Welcome to the Feminine Influencers!

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