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Learn to Trust Yourself - Freya

Feb 18, 2020


Am I sacred?

Am I divine?

The battle rages on all of the time.

I feel the rage -

I feel the fire in my heart


How do these co-exist?

Where do I start?


One gets things done

with little regard.

While the other patiently waits 

until I surrender my guard.


And let the truth speak 

from the vault of wisdom within,

that renders sacred judgment 

an all that I am!


My mind, it compels me to question and doubt,

while my body propels me to jump, scream and shout!

When will they unite? 

I wish I knew the how and the why.


It would make me feel better 

and not want to cry.

Or check my phone a thousand times per day

Or yell at my kids -

when they just want to play.


This journey towards spirit,

It’s one hell of a ride.

It would be so much easier 

If I could just hide.

Or crawl in my cave 

and let the world pass me by.


But the fire within?

It rages on in my heart.

I hear the drumbeat -

I rise with a start.

I take up the torch

and carry the flame

for all those before me 

who have gone unnamed.


Punished and persecuted,

cut to the quick.

They still found their purpose

and they never quit.


For they knew 

that when we arrive

It’s really insane.

The real becomes crazy,

the crazy becomes tame.


In the end, it is worth it.

I know in my heart.

I must summon my courage

and let the fight start.


For I know, there's no greater power 

Than for spirit to be.

As strong and as powerful 

in you, as it is within me.

Freya, the Norse warrior Goddess knew when to draw arms and when to call for a truce. She understood the battle between our minds and our hearts. But most importantly, Freya understood the power of using our body as the gateway to peace and calm. This week we get to remember that getting knocked down, battered and bruised can be a sacred act too. We don’t need to feel shame or make countless excuses. The fastest route to our dreams and desires is usually straight on through our dark thoughts!

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