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Using the Negative to Propel us Forward - Saraswati

creating our own reality feminine goddess negativity overcoming failures overthinking positivity saraswati Feb 06, 2020

 This week, Saraswati teaches us to slow our words and our thoughts down. To be concise and precise because no matter what we speak, good or bad, we are creating our own realities. Well, what do I mean by creating our own realities? Let me explain: 

Over Christmas, I had a really cool intuitive drawing done. The drawing illustrated black snakes swimming at me, In fact, 46 of them! Initially, I believed them to be good. You see, I'm a spiritual individual, and snakes represent transformation, but the longer I reflected on the drawing the more apparent it became that these snakes represented my inner-critic(s).  First I heard the critique from my husband, but then I head it from my kids, and ultimately I began to realize how much I was internalizing any feedback I got. The more "critiquing" I experienced the more I realized just how much I was tolerating negative feedback in my world. But the crazy thing is, I also realized that I was motivated by all of this negative feedback and it was serving as a source of a “go-get-it-done” attitude! How backward is that?

Sometimes we don't realize that we're in a very backward way of thinking using negative words/experiences to propel us forward. It's not the critics that need to change, it's how we internalize language and regurgitate (or transform) it into something positive. How much extra effort am I exerting in my life by taking negative and using it as a motivator? It’s incredible when we stop to reflect, all the little places we can make improvements. That’s what I love about feminine energy—sometimes whether we want it or not, we get these opportunities to see things from an “inside-out” perspective. And ultimately make the big change!

Have you had any experiences in your life where you've had this type of backward thinking? What about right now? Are you currently going through something negative that can propel you forward? Let us use our experiences as energy to get us where we want to be and not drag us down! 

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