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Becoming Warriors: Turning word-wounds into sacred aspects of our lives.

This week we’re connecting with the Goddess Freya. She’s a warrior goddess that knows how to use the body to create peace and transform “word wounds” into sacred aspects of our bodies. And on that note...

This astrological year we are in for a wild ride! The forecast tells us that every planet will be experiencing retrograde, which means a lot of “get up and go” and a lot of “slam on the breaks”! When we experience those moments, all of our momenta gets halted immediately, it can be devastating, and if not traumatic, extremely exhausting. As a result, it creates a lot of stress for our bodies to process. And for me recently, I WAS SOOOO DYSFUNCTIONAL!

This week, I experienced one such halt in the form of a direct threat to my safety. The experience felt catastrophic (let’s be clear, for all intents and purposes, I was totally ok). But following the incident, I couldn’t function or think straight. It was like I was...

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Wear your pride on the outside - Lilith

I dare you to read this,

and hear what I say!

Can u listen to my truth—

and not run away?


It's a note about shame. 

I hate the way I feel.

So often lost in the dark and only myself to blame. 


Fat, ugly, and round. 

I hate how I sag—my tits to the ground. 

I wish I was pretty. 

I wish I was kind. 

I wish I was like all the girls with a really firm behind! 


But I'm not. 

My hips are too large. 

My pants fit too tight. 

I'm constantly wishing to stay out of sight. 


Why do you curse me—why do you doublespeak?

Why won’t you let me be beautiful and find someone to keep me afloat,

above the litany of self-doubt?


Some days, 

this voice is all I hear. 

On these days, I struggle to keep my mind clear. 

I pull my pants on that are way too tight. 

I practice being tall and pretending it's all right. 

I have to ask myself when it hurts like this- 


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