Celestial Earth School

Do you wish you could discover an experience that would really, truly change everything?

Specifically, a community where your divine truth and greatest potential was celebrated in a fun dynamic way and the material changed the way you saw yourself and your life?

Welcome to Celestial Earth School....


The Celestial Earth School Journey is an 11 month Pilgrimage rooted in the Mystery teachings of the Magdalene Priest~ess that include 10 core training modules called Temples. Each Temple activates a core archetype of your divine energy within, thus resulting in a powerful foundation of personal confidence & spiritual competency that enhances the cultivation of personal power, purpose & pleasure and ultimately the embodiment of your PERSONAL Divine Consciousness. Each journey is unique and the core temples/modules will support you in developing your intuitive skills, in your own way so that you may marry them with your existing abilities and incorporate them into your lived experience.

Your  Pilgrimage will Guide You through the Activations of the Sacred Archetypes

During our time together you will awaken Divine Gifts within you as you journey from Temple to Temple and explore the archetypes of the Magdalene teachings, ultimately activating your own inner Divine Consciousness.

The Temple Initiation

Prepare for your sacred pilgrimage as you embrace you inner creator. Discover what it means to be an empathic soul and the journey many initiator traditions use for invoking the gnosis (inner knowing) that lead us to higher states of consciousness. You will learn about the tools of the Priest~ess; intuition, pattern spotting, dream work and how to use them to not only help you navigate your journey, but also embrace your greatest creation gifts!

Highlights: What it is to partner with spirit to pursue & fulfill  your desires, altar building for running energy, & ethics for initiates.

Temple of the Sourcerer/Source-r-ess 

Enter the Temple of the Source-r-ess; s/he who "sources" all, as we venture in to the mystery of the sacred cycles of creation and learn to draw on the infinite well of creativity. You will connect to your forgotten lineage of divine power as we journey back to the womb of the mother and meet the first Priest~ess who held the wisdom of creation, destruction, and preservation and embody the wisdom to harness this power.

Highlights: Unlock the gift of Divine Patterns as you identify your empathic soul strengths. Facilitating ritual with the four directions. Using your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) to source with the cycles.

Temple of the Medicine Keepers

Embrace the lineage of the medicine keepers as you discover the power of vibrational potency and learn the art of diving for light and understanding the space of the void. You will learn the tools to clear the noise and make space for the dreams that are seeking to birth through you.

Highlights: Unlock the gift of Divine Spacelessness the lineage of the medicine woman, the art of dream recall and memory development with sensory re-capitulation. the six zones of purification and potency to ensure your offers to the world embody maximum impact with minimum effort

Temple of the Oracle

Enter the Temple of the Oracle and discover harness the power of your sacred soul story to weave your greatest contribution into the tapestry of life.

Highlights: Discover the gift of Divine Revelation as you use the spoken word to free your soul's voice as you meet the Priestess as the teacher, Oracle, and orator and Apostle to the Apostles. You will experience Re-creating the sacred ancient  library as you explore the gnosis of the core teachings of love and gain access to the wisdom codes awakening within you.

Temple of the Healer

Enter the Temple of the Healer and embrace the embodied power of she who no longer requires validation from other. Learn to disengage from the victim consciousness matrix. You will activate the sacred transmuting Flame of the Phoenix, a sacred flame with a vibrational potency strong enough to purge the greatest dis-ease and energetic roots of it. Prepare your body to no longer get drained from client and community support overload.

Highlights: Activate the Phoenix Flame as you unlock the gift of Divine Spaciousness. You will learn to utilize space/vibrations to release attachment & Heal with the Sacred Death/life Cycle as you connect to the divine mother and cultivate your innate nurturing field

Temple of the Warrior

Enter the Temple of the Warrior and learn the art of subtle reaction. Allow your Warriors strength and unyielding determination to help you gently channel the power of the sun as you learn to slow time to pursue what matters most to you. 

Highlights: Discover the gift of divine timing as you develop your intuitive wisdom and creativity. An experiential month full of intentional dreaming and heart opening practices as you embrace your the gift of Divine Timing and your inner christ consciousness  to navigate the labor pains of translating the gift's of spirit and your imagination into your waking reality.

Temple of the Magdalene

Unveil the Temple of the Magdalene as you harmonize all polarities in your life. Learn how to apply the Christed Watchtower Technique to awaken that which you are holding back. As your heart awakens and you feed your mind and body through spirit you will discover how to harness the gifts of divine planning and unified partnership.

Highlights: Unlock the gift of Divine Partnership and cultivate the embodied dream by charting the map of the rose for self gnosis. Watchtower Technique, As you shift your focus to within, discover how you can create physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Temple of the Alchemist

Enter the Temple of the Alchemist and discover the gateway to the Peleidian Womb. Learn to connect your star seed and tap into your inner alchemy and harness the field of chaos and miracles.

Highlights: Unlock the gift of Your Divine Plan as you connect your energy to the cosmic mother and allow your soul's purpose and unique gifts to unfold.

Temple of the  Tantra

Enter the Temple of the Tantric Power and maximize the Divine Gifts of Creation Force Energy. Fully embrace and embody the art of running energy to create everyday miracles in your life as you unlock the sacred codes of sovereignty and self actualized power.

Highlights: Unlock the Gift of Divine Embodiment as you become your own vortex of love, light.


Temple of the Phoenix

Learn the art of non-attachment as you embrace the power of timelessness and the void as the death maiden.

Highlights: Discover the Gift of Divine Surrender as you awaken the practice of the void, learn the sacred rites of anointing and master the mindset of quantum manifestation.

Temple of  Emergence 

Emerge into the Sacred Lineage of the Celestial Earth and celebrate your Divine Consciousness -in-body as you are witnessed by  Priest~ess of past, and present and unite with a worldwide community dedicated to embodying the consciousness of Celestial Earth.

Highlights: Experience the culmination of all of your Temple work. This Temple is a vehicle to activate deep personal growth, gnosis, harmony, healing, and the communion with the greatest evolution of your spirit and learn the stages of integration to bring it all into reality.

The Four Pillars of Celestial Earth School

Within each Temple you will experience four streams of content:

Mesa & Vision

  • Learn to up-regulate and EMBODY the power of the energy matrix that informs your body, carries your genetic inheritance and determines your destiny. As you discover how to work with genetic and energetic inheritances, you will prime your brain to experience higher states of consciousness.

  • Lineage

    Transform through Mythology: Experience profound holistic personal transformation and connect to a lineage of Priest~ess and New Earth Keepers & Archangels as you re-member the skills and tools to make energetic, emotional, nutritional and lifestyle changes for exceptional health and to fulfill your greatest dreams.

  • Codes

    Unlock your Celestial Earth light codes: awaken pre-coded wisdom that represent personal points of "power" and teachings through attunements and self-reflection. Working through each of the 12 chakras from Root-to your Stellar Gateway

  • Lifestyle

    engage in sacred ritual & living ceremony as you are witnessed in establishing right relationship with your inner divinity and embody your greatest potential.

How is the Training Delivered?

The eleven month program is structured to be flexible & fluid, yet intimate & accountable. All training is delivered virtually so you can join from anywhere in the world.

At the core, we meet three times per month, with the recommended option to connect with the community weekly for meditation and support. Additionally, there is a retreat weekend options available as outlined below:


Layer 1: Self Paced Temple Training Modules
Time Investment: 1.5-3 hrs/module

Upon joining the program you'll immediately get access to the online learning portal which includes welcome videos as well as meditations/mindset training, modality deep dives and exploratory curriculum to dive into. Each modules include a workbook, videos, meditations & practices to download and keep. Subsequent modules are released upon the closing of the prior months temple.

Layer 2: Live Temple Training Group Calls Core Content
Time Investment: 90 min 2x/module 

Each month we come together 2x for a live 90min group call. On these calls, we open the transformational field, discover lineage, attune, reflect, & prepare for living ceremony (celebration) at the end of the month. All calls are recorded in case you can't join us live.

Layer 3: OYE! Live Group Meditation Training/Development
Time Investment: As much or as little as you desire available 1-2.5 hrs/week

Each week Kari hosts three live 20 min morning meditations and a weekly optional 60 min group call for support and to help you deepen your intuitive abilities. On these calls, we discuss, demonstrate, practice & dive into Q&As. The live calls don't cover new information, rather we cover the same content as the modules in live & dynamic ways. Occasionally, live calls feature special guests and modality training. All calls are recorded in case you can't join us live.

Layer 4: Temple Community & Ceremony
Time Investment: 3-4 hrs/module

Part 1: End of Month Ceremonial Workshops are designed to complete and celebrate the module training and facilitate full embodiment of the teachings. (mandatory for emergence)

Part 2: An invitation to retreat at completion of the process.

Additional Discoveries on Your Journey


Medicine Wheel

Natal Chart


Living Ceremony & Ritual

The Four Directions



OYE! S.C.I.E.T.S. Technique to read energy

Dream & Memory Recall

Lemniscate Divine Consciousness Embodiment Technique

Watchtower Inversion Technique

Elemental Balancing for Ascension

Ascension Writing for Personal and Divine Consciousness Embodiment Technique


Magdalene Mysteries 

Lineage & Evolution of Human Consciousness

Astrological Impacts & Influences

Utilizing Sacred LIfe/Death Cycles

Holotriopic Breath

OYE! Emotional Freedom


What You Get:


Online Temple Training Portal

Available online & via app for easy access to class recordings, training videos meditations & workbook

Live Group Calls

All weekly OYE! classes/meditations and monthly temple trainings & ceremonies held via zoom*

WhatsApp Group

Connect in sacred community for updates announcements, easy access to recordings & group interactions

Invitation to Retreat

Amazing opportunity for in person live community, connection, and deep spiritual transformation and soul evolution.

One-on-One Spiritual Mentorship

Support and guidance with Kari as needed throughout your journey 

Plus these amazing bonuses!

+ 10 core modules of professional spiritual mentorship & training

+ Multidimensional learning through interweaving streams of personal mastery, theory & coaching

+ Weekly live group call support

+ Vibrant community of peers & Celestial Earth Keepers

+ Small support circle accountability & partner practice

+ Online delivery with manuals & resources to keep

+ Supportive team whom sincerely wants you to succeed

+ The skills, tools, frameworks & personal mastery to blossom fully into your innate capacity as a spiritual mentor

+over 30 years and a world wide community of Priest~ess to connect, guide and encourage you on your journey.

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