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Identify your strategic energetic opportunities for growth.

As a Soul Purpose Guide I am highly skilled at perceiving the energies that impact your ability to intuitively fulfill your soul's purpose and make the impact you know you're here to make. Together, through the light codes we'll explore your energetic potential and develop a plan and help you answer the questions:

Who am I supposed to be?

How can I play bigger, without exhausting myself?

How can I use my unique gifts to make the most impact?

How weave my deepest desires into my daily reality?



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Embody life enhancing high-frequency energy patterns in the body.

  • Deep Cleansing detox of the stress energies that weigh you down.
  • Attune to the frequencies, fields for healing energy, and expansion/magnetization of the feminine.


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Perhaps the most powerful component of the reading is my ability to help you see your life symbolically through the eyes of your soul--and what it is trying to accomplish. This helps you understand the dynamics that keep you in a masculine play small, push-go, stress mindset so that you may up-level your feminine magnetize, manifest, and make magic potential! Astrologically aligned with your natal chart.

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Learn the strengths of your emotional style and assets. And convert your feelings into rocket fuel for success. 

Gift yourself the deeper dive experience and learn how to carry the vibrations that help you:

Play bigger, make the most impact, align with your purpose, have more energy after a day of clients, birth your vision, and harness the power of shame, guilt, worry, and fear! A Full Consultation consists of a 90 minute private phone session with Kari.


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Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call Here

"Time with Kari is life changing. My life has pivoted. My heart has opened, and my body has ascended because of the space she holds for me. I understand my divinity, the dreamer, and healer in me and can apply with pragmatic direction and feedback!"

-Debbie Rodriguez
Founder Debbie Magic

Follow Ups: Full Consultations

A follow-up consultation is solely for clients Kari has previously worked with in a full ninety minute Soul Engineering capacity. A follow-up can be shaped to fit your needs, and will include an in-depth look at your Soul's Integration Schedule and Necessary Feminine Attunements. Available for single sessions or bi-weekly and monthly.


Have questions or want to schedule a follow up session. Please click on the link to do so:

Schedule Discovery Call Here

"Kari is an incredible guide and coach. Her work will leave you feeling healthy, vibrant, and ready to take on the world with passion and purpose! When I need a reset, Kari is my go-to!"

-Monique Catoggio
Illumined Life Leadership
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