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Embrace Your Destiny in A New Way 

You control your destiny with your energy. But what's controlling your energy? Your personal narrative directly impacts our outcomes in life--and yet it is guided by the outside influences such as family, culture, relationships, and media. Learn the key myths and legends of the goddesses that most powerfully influence your destiny!

In Goddess and Goals you'll discover we each have a unique persona (or archetype) designed to help us fulfill our destiny. It's a persona that embraces both our hurry/up, hustle and get s%&t done skills AND our manifest, magnetize, make magic skills so that we achieve our goals, optimize our greatest potential, and exceed our dreams WITHOUT feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and out of control.

Your Unique Goddess Persona

Many people think that the path to ultimate success is derived from HARD WORK and SERVICE to the community, only to discover that along the way they become exhausted, overwhelmed, and often times burn out because they have nothing left to give.

In order to compensate we look to popular and successful figures in our culture and admire (and adapt) their strategies in order to achieve our own success. What we don't realize is that they've embraced their unique persona and learned how to optimize their energy (and their magic) by not trying to do what they're not good at, which means more times than not, they've gone against the grain and followed what is best for them--no matter how challenging.

For example, can you imagine Oprah as an accountant or J.K. Rowling as a MMA Fighter?

The answer is NO! Yet, more times than not, you probably find yourself doing jobs and saying yes! without even realizing your not maximizing your unique inner intuitive abilities.

And why would you? Living in a society that values a strong push/go, hustle hurry up, set the goal/get it done, society leaves very little opportunity to VALUE and DEVELOP the magic that lives within you.


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Meet the Goddesses Personas that will Guide You to Up-Level Your Energy

We can all relate to setting goals and know the skills we need to achieve them; Organization, Systemization, Direction,  actions, assertiveness, timeliness, and Choice to name a few. 

Understanding your Primary Goddesses archetype take us a layer deeper into the energy behind the actions we're taking. And can help intuitively optimize our choices, our energy, and our outcomes! When we understand them we no longer second guess, we partner with people that up-lift us and we align our choices and reality with our greatest desires.

Here is a brief overview of the SEVEN PRIMARY GODDESSES:


The goddess of Wisdom and universal consciousness. She's a perfectionist that inspires the world with her attention to detail and ability to garner every resources necessary to get things done. But watch out! Too much desire to control will suppress her magic. 


The Goddess of Creation credited with creating the body to experience the pleasure of ALL of the senses! She can't help but dream up new ways to make the world a better place. And like a child she knows the best way to do this is to play and have fun! But watch out! Hathor is so good at creating that she will move faster than everyone around her AND get caught in her own dreams.


Queen of heaven. Lilith relies on the strength of her personality to light up and inspire the world to join her! But watch out! Her path is not for the faint of heart: Always feeling compelled to deliver, the pressure is immense and too much will burn her out.


The Divine Mother. Omnipresent, loving, patient, nurturing and willing to go to the ends of the earth to turn the impossible into reality. Isis is an endless source of support for all those that cross her path. But watch out! If she isn't good at saying no! her resources will run dry.


The goddess of many faces and a warrior of love, Durga knows how to fight fire with fire and intuitively navigate the most challenging of circumstances to get things done. She is a pillar of strength and support. But watch out! If she's surrounding herself with the wrong crowd she becomes her own worst enemy!


Weaver wove the cosmos into existence and is able to see the potential in even the most insignificant of ideas. She builds vast networks of connection and knows exactly when to strike and weave it all together in a perfect cosmic tapestry. But watch out! she can start to doubt herself when her web gets knocked down in the winds of change and dramatic events in her life. 


Her dominion is the sea of emotion  Deeply connected to the rising tides of emotion, Oshun's presence ebbs and flows in all of our lives. But watch out! Her watery depths will draw you under. 

These Goddess Personas (or archetypes) are a result weaving of astrology, energy medicine, and goddess mythology together over years of studying the flow of masculine and feminine energy within the body and the extremes we each go to in order to compensate for weakness or learned patterns that often times should be considered strengths.

Knowing your primary goddess and what is most aligned for you will give you permission to experience the fullness of who you are without apology, fear of being "too big" or "too much", exhausted or overwhelmed. 

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