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Why Ignite Your Influencer Fire?

From Career and Relationships to Home Life and Health — Ignite is THE Most Powerful Tool to help Healers, Therapists, Coaches, Spiritual Practitioners, and all around Empaths unlock their full potential and uplevel their life!

Ignite is for INFLUENCERS. Period.

What is an Influencer? Someone who wants to improve themselves and the world around them every day.
The problem is, many of us high performers can’t access our full potential because we take on too much emotionally, energetically, and physically. As a result the clients, deadlines, bills, passive-aggressive friends & family (you fill in the blank) render us exhausted. 
If this sounds familiar, what you’re missing are 3 simple but powerful techniques that will completely change your relationship with your body and the demands of your everyday life…so you can be a happy, healthy empath & perform at the top of your game.


In TWO short weeks you'll graduate with a mastery of the values that create impact!

IGNITE, INTEGRATE, and INFLUENCE – a transformative daily mindset trifecta that teaches you to weave feminine energy principles into your daily reality so you can do on your own for life (no apps or in person required). The point of The Ignite Intuitive Technique is not to relax or feel calm during each session. It’s to actually maintain your energetic integrity by removing stress and other people's energy from your body at the cellular level. With less energy weighing you down, you’ll be amazed how much more energy you have, how much sharper your brain becomes and how much more easily you can handle the demands of your daily life.

Let's face it: your problem is not one of money, time, or resources.

The problem is that being an Influencer can weigh you down.

And we have not previously understood how to weave spiritual feminine energy, emotional, and energy body perspectives to release some of the heavy burden we inadvertently carry around--UNTIL NOW!
Most development training separates spirituality, thought leadership and the mechanics of the energy body. What I've discovered is by weaving the spiritual lessons of the feminine into modern thought leadership is the secret to feeling good, creating dramatic, long lasting, and effective impact. 


As a result you get to experience being an impactful empath that realizes:

>> Deeper, more efficient sleep
>> More energy
>> Improved immune function
>> Less depression and anxiety
>> Better focus, attention and memory
>> And the ability to enjoy and feel energized by the work you do

How You’ll Get Better at Life when You Know Your Zone!

In addition to not feeling weighed down, this will fundamentally change the way you approach challenges in your daily life.

Connect with your in charge of creativity, imagination, intuition and insight in entirely new ways.

Much like going to the gym, learn how to maintain "flow state" and operate consistently at peak performance.

Expand your emotional intelligence and enhancing levels of closeness that promote better connection and understanding between clients, professional partners, family, and personal relationships.

Sounds great, right? It is.

But, be warned: Ignite may not be for you if…
  • You are looking for a quick fix. Adopting The Ignite Embodiment Technique is a complete lifestyle change. When you integrate this practice into your everyday life, you’ll experience shifts big and small from the very first day and for years to come.
  • You aren't wanting to do the work. The Ignite Technique extremely powerful and efficient so you can devote only 2% of your day to making the other 98% more amazing.
  • You aren't ready to experience dramatic impact. Be ready the Ignite Technique will move you into an innate mindset for success and fulfillment.
I'm Ready to Ignite!

What to Expect Inside Ignite

The course is 15 days long and each day’s lessons are based upon what you will experience as you move through the curriculum. Each video & meditation is up to 25 minutes long and you can watch them each day (and take breaks if you need) whenever works for you. But we’ll provide guidance on what’s optimal.

IGNITE (Days 1-3)

The soul section is all about removing the belief perspectives that cause us to hold our own and others stress. In this section you'll learn The Ignite Mindset to help you cleanse, clear, and shift your mindset so you maintain momentum through the highs and the lows. 
Highlights Include: 
  • Recognizing  the de-stress detox of the self and others energy from your own body
  • How the mindful soul perspective controls and influences your energy field
  • How you can operate in 5D consciousness all the time
  • Energy Awareness and what your syncronicity field looks like and what to expect on your journey

INTEGRATE (Days 4-12)

What if you were able to take on more and experience less stress? In this section you'll learn the technique to up-level your energetic capacity without getting weighed down--and how to weave it all into your busy modern life. Over the course of this part of the program you will learn to navigate your own inner energy field and manage the emotional and physical detox that can come along with it. The practice will facilitate deep healing and rest a a cellular level and help you begin to tap your boundless energy!
Highlights Include:
  • What the Ignite Technique is & how it facilitates a feminine & masculine energy detox
  • How to navigate your own inner energy field
  • Why you don’t need a quiet location to practice
  • How to recognize the mental and physical detox of the “unstressing” process
  • How your intuitive style impacts how you process energy
  • How to measure and celebrate your successes
  • How to use your senses to strengthen your intuition

INFLUENCE (Days 12-15)

In the last section you'll discover how simply maintaining your own energy will help you consciously create a life that exceeds your wildest dreams!
Highlights Include:
  • How to maintain the integrity of your own energy
  • How to read other people's energy so you can stay clear, conscious and aligned with you want to create
  • Alignment with your natural purpose and calling

What’s Included in Ignite Your Feminine Fire

The course itself 15 days. You’ll have access to everything that’s included for 3 months.
The Course
For the 15 days of IGNITE Your Feminine Fire, you’ll get an email (before you even wake up!) leading you to the day’s training video inside your private member area for easy navigation. During the course, you’ll learn how to weave the perspectives of your Soul, Inner Energy, & Impact  plus the science and philosophy behind each. Once you learn The Ignite Intuitive Technique, you’ll be self-sufficient with the ability to use these powerful tools on your own FOR LIFE; no apps, or drop-ins required!
Once you finish the 15 days of the Ignite course, you’ll have access to LIVE, monthly coaching calls with Kari. You’ll be able to ask your questions, share your successes, and connect with other Ignite Influencers. And if you ever miss a call, you’ll get quick access to the recording plus an archive of all past calls.
As an Ignite student, you’ll get exclusive access to our private online community for three months (unless you decide to extend later on). Our well-trained team (all veteran Influencers), are there to answer your questions and support you on your journey in real-time. Plus, we’ll share videos, tips and even host livestreams to help you get the most out of your journey.
Continuing Education
Timed perfectly to your Ignite journey, you’ll get impactful content sent straight to your inbox for 3 months after you graduate. Kari has taught countless students and can anticipate your challenges before they come up. So we’ve curated videos, articles, and additional techniques to enhance your Ignite practice, including:
  • How to fit your new practice into your daily life
  • How to Use Your Intuitive GPS
  • Additional mindfulness and breathing techniques such as Balancing Breath
  • How to handle your wobbles (the physical and emotional detox that can happen when you begin your practice)
  • Bonus guided visualizations



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