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Sacred circles, retreats, meditation and timeless rituals. Priestess is your ultimate spiritual training to bridge the gap between your daily human life (that isn't always working) and all the ways your are divine.

Access your feminine magic and discover the life that is your divine purpose--and get ready to influence the world.

Because the forces that shape our lives aren’t actually magic. They are real, and only when we understand these forces of the universe and how they are interconnected can we achieve our divine purpose.

Voicing Our Inner Truths Is Scary

Despite extensive spiritual experience and training, I would find myself repeatedly experiencing "lows". It seemed that for every "win" I achieved in my internal world, a significant mis-alignment would appear in my external reality. I found myself caught in a void; work that used to refresh and re-change me, left me drained and exhausted, and relationships that previously were a deep source of nourishment, became distant and disconnected.

I was alone. The more powerful I became on the inside, the more I sensed my world shrinking away from me.  I longed to experience the "biggness" of who I was, but the more effort I put into my work, relationships, and spiritual center, the deeper the void became. 

I felt lost. But quitting was not an option. 

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I know The Growing Pains You Feel Are Real

The potential you feel is real. But as you step into a leadership role you may find yourself experiencing frustration and confusion--AND often times you may just want to quit--because you're not yet making the impact that reflects your full potential and lacking clarity on how to specifically weave your feminine intelligence into the main stream masculine daily model of push-push/ go-go. 


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Support through growth= on Fire!!!

We are being called across the planet and from every cell in our bodies to transform. 

This call comes from within and echos throughout the planet & the cosmos.

Unlike any generation before us we get to usher in a new way of living on our planet. It’s uncomfortable. It’s constricted.
It's a living experience.

Understanding this deep desire for growth opens an entirely new dimension and understanding of my inner power, guidance, and knowing. I now feel energized, not drained, confident, despite uncertainty, and a profound ability to express the fullness of who I am and my gifts, no matter the circumstances. This internal alignment was met with an even more powerful ability to find community and create alignment in my relationships and work that deeply nourish my soul. 

It's Time for Feminine Centered Leadership

Our inherent Divine Feminine leadership, steeped in ancient gnosis, is carried within
our bones and intricately tied to our collective awakening so we may live in communion with ourselves, Gaia, and one another.

We get to immerse in Her ancient mysteries. 

We get to embody our lineage.

We get to take a stand.

The Divine Feminine initiatory mysteries are alive within each of us.
They are encoded and living within our DNA, in our sacred body temples.
They are as old as the ancient hills, yet as current as a thousand years into the future.



  • Learn to view the world with a "feminine" mindset--minus the push-push, go-go
  • Learn to strengthen your intuition to experience greater, clarity, confidence and calm.
  • Learn to activate deep levels of creativity and maximize your potential. 
  • Attune your body to the feminine layers of influence.
  • Tap into the cutting edge of consciousness and learn to live, work, and play from there.


The Four Aspects of the  Awaken to Priestess Process

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IGNITE: Your Inner Fire, Magic, and Mysticism


Learn the Priestess rituals and tools for complete "in the now" Priestess presence and knowing. Activate your intuitive and oracular skills. And activate the priestess gifts that you've brought with you into this lifetime. This powerful aspect offers a web of potent connection where we share our deepest challenges and transformations through poetry, art, and song. And celebrate through living ceremony the life-giving process of transformation.

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INTEGRATE: Divine Feminine Attunements

Learn to carry the vibration of the feminine. Our culture and society does not provide a healthy model for the feminine. Each monthly circle is unique and offers an experience of direct connection and embodiment of an aspect of the divine feminine. These live attunements are at the heart of the Priestess Process and open a profound portal to awaken your inner leadership.

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INITIATE: Into Sisterhood

Stepping out of our personal "norms" and activating our deep inner magic in the midst of societal and cultural masculine ways of operating can render us feeling vulnerable and exposed. Sisterhood gives us a divine space to reflect the feminine and new ways we get to explore our thought perspectives. 


The Awaken to Priestess Process

This Initiation Program is a sacred space for you to access the Priestess and all 11 attunements of the Divine Feminine so that you can step into your deeper Essence while being held in a beautiful, intimate sisterhood. The Priestess Process is a four part online training that activates your inner Priestess by weaving ancient ritual & living ceremony into modern daily reality. Over the course of our 11 months together we will

Is Priestess Right For Me?

Whether hailing from a corporate, or entrepreneurial background women who participate in Priestess are united by their strong desire to further deepen their spirituality from the inside out. Representing a diverse variety of life experiences and accomplishments, Priestesses bring an array of religious backgrounds and perspectives and the unified desire to express themselves fully. The Priestess archetype expresses multi-culturally, in pure spirituality, and multi-religions. Priestesses may connect to the Divine in nature just as well as in any home, church, synagogue, or temple.

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If you want to join Priestess here's how it works:

1) Join the Soul School Community (free trial available)

2) Schedule your Priestess Discovery Call with Kari

2) Explore the process during the Ignite Your Feminine Fire and begin activating the finer vibrations of the divine feminine field with videos, meditations, & group calls.

3) At the completion of IGNITE initiates will choose to fully embark upon the Awaken to Priestess Journey. (Once initiated candidates are committed to the full journey of the process.)

4) Priestess  groups will meet via zoom and have a variety of call options through the month to engage in the Circle.

5) Upon activation of the 11 aspects of the Priestess Archetype you will be eligible to emerge online or in person.

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