You know you were meant to change the world. 

You know because there is an unsung song inside of you that see potential and knows how to fix pain. 

Not only do you sense that the world is at a turning point, but that you play a key role in this transformation--and you are right!

However, the gap between the rich possibilities and what you actually experience can be overwhelming. 

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I deeply understand the challenges you face balancing entrepreneurial demands with spiritual calling to self actualize and master your gifts and purpose in the world. 

Whether just starting your spiritual journey or well on your path, Light Codes was created to help you navigate the balance between complex, exhausting, profit driven system necessary and your hightest poetential and inner genious.

My name is Kari Caldwell and for years I felt restless as I struggled to honor this critical calling.

I was desperate to live the life I intuitively sensed I was born to live--and  for years I thought it was because I didn't have enough money, time, support, education, or knowledge. 

I immersed myself in every program I could find from spiritual and energy medicine to business and entrepreneurial development. Ultimately, I became a Health Coach and eventually an Ordained Interfaith Minister--

--but I always sensed there was something more!


And then I realized...

As coaches the transformation processes we've been mastering come from a masculine perspective; one based on strategy, control, logical and linear thinking and analysis. It's a perspective that's given us the miracles of science and the marvels of industry--and helped us to create unprecedented opportunities!

And as a result of our mastery of it, we NOW experience a deep yearning for self-expression, spiritual partnership and a strong desire to be creative and contribute--a very high quality problem to have!

And that meant if I'm in the business of transformation--I get to become the energy of transformation.


And that's when I discovered the Light Codes!

The Light Code principles help us not just understand the fundamentals of transformation, but also embody the fundamental, Light Code, energy of transformation.

The Light Codes guide us to integrate all the gains from our masculine transformation perspectives AND give us access to a new kind of co-creativity we’ve never seen in our recorded history.

Unlike traditional modalities the Light Codes focuses less on "healing" and more on fueling your personal growth.


What I came to recognize is the more I focused on embodying the Light Codes, the more successful I became in helping my clients go further faster!

And now in this pioneering work,  I’ve discovered and developed the specific principles, practices and tools that will help you embody the Light Codes too!


Become the greatest degree of impact!

Specifically by improving the quality of energy and your capacity to process transformational, Light Code, energy you will learn to: 
  • Become the energies that create the greatest degree of impact.
  • Learn to prioritize and process the transformational energies, instead of stress (and other people's stress)
  • Learn to trust deeper the energies that are available to you as you deepen your intuitive senses and get really good at being in partnership with spirit.
  • Improve your ability to process the emotions within and around you and free up energy to take action.
  • Explore all the ways you process and digest energy. How much of what you process is your own stress or other people's stress? As we improve the quality of energy in, our ability to magnetize and manifest enhances exponentially..




The Light Codes is a next generation – power energy therapy system that activates the underlying levels of energy (within the spiritual dna) through active meditation so you (and your clients) experience expansion and growth both energetically and in life.

This is why I believe every coach and wellness entrepreneur needs the Light Codes a modality that:

  • Trains the mind to read the high frequency transformational signals from that come from the universe and through the body.
  • Strengthen's the body's capacity to "carry" greater volumes of transformational energy instead of "healing" and carrying your client's energy.
  • Processes deeper seated emotions and karmic patterns that live within our cellular memory.
  • Gives you the clarity and confidence you need to transform the world around you!


As a result of this paradigm shift you'll learn to forge a unique partnership with spirit where you'll learn to be the vehicle through which spirit operates.

Not only do coaches find that they have more energy, clarity, and confidence, but also more importantly experience a shift where their work becomes less about the "mechanics" of operating their business (like funnels and sales calls) and more about what processes and systems they get to put into place to maximize the flow of this transformational, Light Codes, energy into the world.


More and more coaches are being called to awaken their divine plan. The Light Codes training provides a roadmap to fulfill that destiny. The Light Codes training is a remote modality for coaches and those seeking to coach that guides you to embody transformational  energies of healing, growth, and expansion. The Light Codes training is an excellent compliment to any and all coaching offerings, whether you currently offer meditation or not, you will learn how to get to the core of your clients's transformational journey and blend your unique coaching offering with the Light Codes teachings.



This is a six week online course that provides deep dive into the core of transformational process. Working in the first (physical), second (emotional) and third (mental)  you'll learn how to use spiritual DNA for the transformational process all while  detoxifying negative patterns and attune your elemental transformational centers to the greatest degree of transformational energy. In this entry level course you'll learn to guide yourself and others in active meditation through detoxing and aligning the core transformational energy processing centers.

As you journey through this process you'll not only clear your energy but also get clarity on  How can I do what I love and make it a real in the world? and the mechanics of creating a life  where miracles and magic become an everyday thing.




You are vision driven and ready to live your dreams. The six week online Embodiment Catalyst expands on the information from Level 1 to give you a crystal-clear blueprint to release deep seated energetic and genetic patterns so you  can tap into your creative FLOW and achieve the GREATNESS that you KNOW you are fully capable of. Level 2 encompasses an even deeper understanding of the FOUR transformational energy centers by focusing on work in the fourth (energetic/genetic) and fifth (soul support/cluster) levels. 



You are ready to build your empire, create your legacy, and let the world know your name. All you need is to tap into the expanded energy of your vision. Now it's time to clear deep embody  the vibrations of transformation as we clear the energy patterns of "me/myself/I" and "warrior/healer" and formalize your partnership with spirit. You will learn to carry group energy. How to energetically read and lead groups. And how to infuse the Light Codes transformational vibrations into your core offering.


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Hi! I'm Rev. Kari Caldwell, High Priestess and Creator of the Light Codes

I 'm a bad-ass intuitive and spiritual mentor for health and wellness professionals, who are tired of struggle to actualize the full vision of their dreams and soul ambitions. I help them up-level and align their energy with their business sales model.

I had my own struggles that led me to be a meditation and health coach (and secretly an intuitive channel) that organically morphed into a next-level intuitive mentor as I mastered my own business model. I went from making $8,000 in year one to three figures and now I'm proud to say I rock a business that feeds my family, my soul, and my lifestyle--but more importantly inspires me every day to be in greater levels of service to the ever present loving light.