Are you ready for something different?

Think about something you want to change in your life.

No matter how much doubt you currently have, you can truly change.

You just need a different approach.

You need access the motivation to get the results you want.


Priestess is a spiritual training process that helps you see the unseen forces that shape your daily life to open doorways to opportunities that propel you to unexpected levels.

It takes you by the hand and helps you study and understand yourself. It helps you make sense of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and results. 

Priestess teaches you how to drop the hustle/hurry up and so you can  manifest/magnetize/make magic by:

  • learning to process emotion (yours and environmental) to create more energy
  • Understanding your soul's empathic system to be less frustrated by relationships and uncontrollable circumstances
  • partnering with spirit and the universal forces around you to motivate yourself to get more done in less time
  • understanding the feminine archetypes of the human psyche to ease anxiety, stress, worry, and boredom
  • Confidently rest, reboot, and recharge without feeling like you will lose control

Priestess is a mystery school training program for anyone who wants to stop passively consuming spiritual information and start using it to actually achieve your greatest desires.

The Priestess Spiritual Embodiment Path

Our Priestess mystery school training is is an all-inclusive training that empowers you to take your spiritual journey to the next level.

Optimize Your Energy O.Y.E!

Learn to up-regulate the energy matrix that informs your body, carries your genetic inheritance and determines your destiny. As you discover how to work with genetic and energetic inheritances, you will prime your brain to experience higher states of consciousness.

Transform through Mythology

Experience profound holistic personal transformation and connect to a lineage of Priestesses and New Earth Keepers as you re-member the skills and tools to make energetic, emotional, nutritional and lifestyle changes for exceptional health and to fulfill your greatest dreams.

Join the Evolution

Join the thousands of Priestess graduates who are ushering in a new paradigm of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Discover the Priestess Process, a system founded on the experience of Knowing Thyself through oneness and restoring your inner harmony.




Priestess is a Spiritual Embodiment process that teaches you to intuitively navigate your world by developing your relationship with yourself and spirit and enhancing both healthy masculine (action/create) and feminine (manifest-magnetize) energies.

Priestess provides guidance beyond conventional support systems. By combining a unique blend of ancient mystery school teachings, modern spiritual perspective and next-generation Spiritual Embodiment energy therapy training, the process gently guides you into living a life that is free of the push-go, exhaust and overwhelm energies created by the culture we live in today. 


Join the next generation of leadership committed to evolving the world's happiness by understanding how the forces of the universe are interconnected and how each of us as individuals can harness them to  achieve our greatest desires. By strengthening intuition and enhancing how they relate to their emotional and energetic wellbeing, you will activate your inner feminine magic you will discover a life that is all you have dreamed.

Is Priestess Right For Me?

The Priestess Process offers you a millenary set of tools and skills, proven for thousands of years and are in tremendous need and demand today. And is our response to:

1. Growing need to process stress and rewire the nervous system from masculine, push-go energy to feminine manifest, and magnetize energy.

2. Demand for spiritual training that's needed beyond conventional support systems (e.g. religion, talk therapy) that are rooted in old structures.

3. Desire to expand faith and trust in each individuals core intuitive abilities and knowingness. 

4. Growing demand to understand the expanding consciousness of the feminine, what it means and how to use it.

5. Deep desire for community and spiritual resources that meet the needs of all generations, including kids and young adults and the consciousness of growth.

7. All in one comprehensive training in spirituality, that gives you access to modalities such as Light Codes, Spiritual DNA, Akashic, Astrology, Elements, Ritual and Living Ceremony.