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A Roadmap to Awaken Your Divine Plan & Fulfill Your Destiny

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What is Priestess

Priestess is a Spiritual Embodiment process that teaches you to intuitively navigate your world by developing your relationship with yourself and spirit and enhancing both healthy masculine (action/create) and feminine (manifest-magnetize) energies.

Created for anyone seeking to actualize their potential in a feminine, intuitive and creative way and have support and guidance through their personal spiritual development. By de-conditioning patterns of stress and applying cutting edge techniques to train the mind and body to activate and integrate deep levels of  support Priestess facilitates deep levels of transformation and guides initiates to intuitively discover their inherent gifts and comfortably actualize their deepest truths so they may live a life that exceeds their greatest vision of success and impact in the world. 

Why Priestess is Unique

Priestess provides guidance beyond conventional support systems. By combining a unique blend of ancient mystery school teachings, modern spiritual perspective and next-generation Spiritual Embodiment energy therapy training, the process gently guides you into living a life that is free of the push-go, exhaust and overwhelm energies created by the culture we live in today. 

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Why Choose Priestess

Join the next generation of leadership committed to evolving the world's happiness by understanding how the forces of the universe are interconnected and how each of us as individuals can harness them to  achieve our greatest desires. By strengthening intuition and enhancing how they relate to their emotional and energetic wellbeing, you will activate your inner feminine magic you will discover a life that is all you have dreamed. 

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1. Growing need to process stress and rewire the nervous system from masculine, push-go energy to feminine manifest, and magnetize energy.

2. Demand for spiritual training that's needed beyond conventional support systems (e.g. religion, talk therapy) that are rooted in old structures.

3. Desire to expand faith and trust in each individuals core intuitive abilities and knowingness. 

4. Growing demand to understand the expanding consciousness of the feminine, what it means and how to use it.

5. Deep desire for community and spiritual resources that meet the needs of all generations, including kids and young adults and the consciousness of growth.

7. All in one comprehensive training in spirituality, that gives you access to modalities such as Light Codes, Spiritual DNA, Akashic, Astrology, Elements, Ritual and Living Ceremony.



The Priestess Spiritual Embodiment Process

Learn to fully embody your greatest spiritual potential through the three core Priestess tracks: 


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Activate your greatest leadership potential. The Light Codes are a series of principles that will help you positively re-frame and de-condition societal and familial programming that limits your capacity for growth and lock you in limiting patterns of push-go, exhaust, and overwhelm. The Light Codes will train your mind to "read" the energies so you are no inadvertently absorb energy, but rather consciously choose and create exactly the life you desire. Understand the deep physiological, emotional, and esoteric elements that impact your ability to manage stress, achieve success driven outcomes, manifest your desires. You will learn to live fully present to the moment as you identify and transform the body's energetic traumas and work in the different layers of energy; from physical, emotional, genetic/energetic, to your soul tribe and collective consciousness. 

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The Divine Feminine initiatory mysteries are as old as the ancient hills, yet current as a thousand years into the future. Memories encoded and living within our sacred body temples and vibrating to the core of our DNA, these teachings empower you to discover your deepest spiritual gifts and learn to experience the truest expression of your soul, while aligning your inner strength with spirit. Most importantly, we recognize and honor the validity and usefulness of a variety of spiritual traditions without the confines of any specific dogma, so you "remember" the truest nature of who you are. 

In the mystery school you will not only discover, ritual, sisterhood, and ceremony, but also how to profoundly trust in your partnership with spirit to garner resources, synchronicity, to experience greater reach and create impact beyond your imagination. 

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SPIRITUAL DNA embodiment coaching

Spiritual DNA Embodiment Coaching is a next generation –  power energy therapy system that will help activate deeper levels of energy so you (and your clients) experience expansion and growth both energetically and in life. Just like going to the gym to build muscle, this track focuses on strengthening your feminine intuitive energies at every level of the Spiritual DNA (body, mind, emotions, genetic/energetic, soul tribe, and collective) so you experience greater clarity, confidence and alignment. Working in each of the "Spiritual DNA" levels you will "strengthen" your intuitive response, including enhancing the neural network communication between the body, heart, and mind) so you are able to: 1) sustain greater degrees of energy 

2) enhance the body's efficiency processing energy,

3) Clear out deeply rooted collective, inherited, familial, and societal patterns


How we roll....


Priestess is a live, interactive, three level program filled with support, accountability, discussion and ceremony. During all training (Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3 (Priestess) we come together for training calls, Q&A calls, practice calls & opportunities to practice and weave your energy with your peers. You’ll receive ample access to your teachers & trainers and to an amazing community of fellow embodiment coaches.

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Join from anywhere in the world. As a mom of three boys and entrepreneur, live retreats and in person training was not always an option. The program is a remote modality (e.g. get massive impact with your clients from comfort of home). Accordingly this training is also delivered via a combination of self-paced training modules, accompanied by multiple live teaching & practice calls every month (so you can choose a time that suits you to show up live). You’ll have plenty of interactive opportunities to ask questions, practice with peers & receive support.

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Don't ever hold back or feel ashamed of your crazy thoughts or inexplicable insights! Our amazing teaching team & vibrant community of diverse women will get to know you as intimately as you desire. Through live calls, a time-zone matched support circle of peers, coaching peer practice & ongoing rich group discussions this is a space where others really “get you”. Stepping out of our personal "norms" and activating our deep inner magic in the midst of societal and cultural masculine ways of operating can render us feeling vulnerable and exposed. Sisterhood gives us a divine space to reflect the feminine and new ways we get to explore our thought perspectives. 

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The Priestess Spiritual Embodiment Path

The Priestess knows how to balance healthy masculine and feminine energies at every levels of your Spiritual DNA (physical, emotional, mental, genetic, community, and collective). 


Level 1: Soul School Spiritual Embodiment  Training

Self Study/Group Training

Join Soul School and start learning the mysteries of the Priestess. The primary objective of Level One is to train your mind to read masculine and feminine energy. By focusing on Physical and Mental Embodiment, Level one emphasizes the Light Codes Principles so you know when you are engaged (push-go, hamster wheel) energies, and can consciously choose more experience of feminine (manifest, magnetize) energies.

You will learn the MINE Active Meditation(TM) technique and language to support yourself in detoxifying and processing stress.

Download the Curriculum

Level 2: Awaken to Priestess 

Live, Online 6 Week Group Training 

The primary focus of Level 2 is to establish a powerful energetic foundation by teaching the body to integrate balanced masculine and feminine energies and your mind to trust your intuitive insights.

Working in the Spiritual DNA levels of Embodiment:

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Mental Spiritual

You will learn how to stop absorbing the energy and stress of the world around you and powerfully establish energetic boundaries so you can healthily release patterns that keep you small and are tired of push-go lifestyle--but can't figure out how to slow it down.

By specifically targeting learned patterns of stress, you will identify how your body process energy and take control of your ability to understand it so you quickly align with the soul's transformational journey--and live a life in alignment, authentic self expression, and energetic integrity.

Download the Curriculum

Priestess Training

Live Online 10 Month Initiation into the Modern Mystery Training of the Priestess 

Activate and actualize your greatest potential when you initiate into Priestess and experience profound transformational energies of the priestess vibration. In Priestess you'll specifically focus on the Spiritual DNA levels:

  • energetic and genetic inheritances
  • collective
  • soul tribe consciousness

As you define what energies you choose to embody you will recognize a response to the calling deep inside you. And begin to work in partnership with spirit to influence your community and world. You're tired of knowing your full vision but still not able to actualize your full potential! You know Your time is NOW--and you're ready to create energetic integrity in all aspects of your life so you feel and experience success on both the inside and out! 


Download the Curriculum

The Priestess Promise

  • Train in a system and with a community that will help you balance your spiritual (sometimes crazy) ideas with practical, real-world, applicable strategies and experience.
  • Safe space that honors your process, while getting to the root of your issues, so you can grow and express the fullness of who you are.
  • Exploration and discovery of your pure intuitive gifts so you can confidently partner with spirit in all you do without doubt, shame or a need to hold yourself back.
  • An inherent trust in yourself to navigate your inner feminine world with confidence and grace.


Step One:


Step Two:

Join Awaken to Priestess and prepare for your Priestess journey as you explore Soul School's online offerings and meet weekly for the Awaken Program.

Step Three:

Initiate into the Priestess Process where you will have the opportunity to dive deep and explore the inner realm of Priestess Archetype and your inner intuitive gifts.

Step Four:

Emerge as a Priestess and actualize your greatest potential.

Once You Initiate Into Priestess (end of Awaken) your will experience:

Live Zoom Circles: Priestess groups will meet via zoom for 2 hours 2x per month. In addition, as scheduled there will be a live ceremonial events conducted live and via zoom.

Live Living Ceremonies: Ceremonial events will be held live for local participants choosing to facilitate living ceremony together in community with an optional weekend at completion of the process for non-local initiates.

Participate in one-on-one & Peer Training/Development Calls: Interactive opportunities to ask questions, practice with peers & receive support.

Emerge Live or Online: Enter the world as a priestess and start taking empowered action as you embark on your year and a day embodiment journey. 

Integrate Your Unique Intuitive Gifts Into Your Daily Reality: Learn how to weave your intuitive talents into your day-to-day entrepreneurial endeavors, family, and business structure.



Private FaceBook Group and WhatsApp Chat

Feeling an intuitive hit but not sure to take action on it? Have a big decision to make but can't quite see the energy around it? Accountability and mirroring are key to activating your internal journey. In this powerful community you'll discover critical spiritual and energetic perspectives, laughter, support and like minded women looking to deepen their impact on the planet.

Weekly Office Hours with Rev. Kari, High Priestess

Every week get your questions answered and an intuitive read on soul's latest endeavors. As an interfaith minister, spiritual expert, coach, and mom, Rev. Kari understands the soul's evolutionary journey (and all the ups and downs) inside out. Office hours begin with a Q&A and moves into a weekly spiritual development topic to deepen your practice. It's an expert at your fingertips on a weekly basis!

Weekly Breath/Meditation

Take a 20 Minute Mindbreak and connect energetically with the best spiritual posse ever! Just open your zoom or call in. Meditations are relevant to the week's current topic and serve as an excellent means to integrate whatever energy you may be working through!

3 Monthly Training Circles & Ceremony Calls 

(live in person for local participants)

Each month features a call for each track of the Priestess Process; embodiment, coaching, and mystery school. 

Recorded Calls & Classroom Library

Curious about different energy systems? How to use a pendulum or read a deck of cards? Soul School gives you access to the library of goodies that people have asked for training in over the years. Don't see what your looking for--just ask (it may show up in a future week!)

Ordain as a Priestess & Certify as a Spiritual Embodiment Coach

For the wellness entrepreneurs, use your training to pursue higher education and advance your career. 

Priestess Camp

Annual three day event for non-local participants to immerse themselves in circle, sisterhood and experience temple magic!


The Most Frequently Asked Questions


The Values you'll experience


Making changes and fighting for your future is hard. And the time for making changes on your own is over. In the Priestess Process we focus on helping your build a foundation for massive impact by working with the values of:

Collaboration Deepen your trust and faith in your own inner wisdom as you learn how to collaborate with your inner energy and spirit

Responsibility Learn to eliminate Self-Doubt and become your own strongest advocate

Self-Love When you learn to love yourself as much as you love those around you, you unlock potential and power beyond what you ever dreamed you possessed

During the process, you'll have multiple opportunities to take action, explore your inner magic, weave with community and practice strengthening your inner intuitive assets in a safe, loving, and accepted environment, while immersing yourself in a culture that encourages you to show up for yourself and get the work done!


You are an influencer! Whether focused on making an impact through your work, family and/or travel we know this means you have a full schedule! We’re here to support your success. We follow principles of balanced feminine and masculine learning meaning you get the structure (masculine) and flexibility (feminine) to move through each month's module at a pace that is right for you throughout each month.


Play is one of the primary means to open and expand your energy, broaden your perspectives, and learn. In priestess you'll discover a spiritual posse that loves to read cards, "geek-out" on goddesses, angels, guides and energy medicine, and can't get enough of celebrating even the smallest synchronicities that show up in your life!  We're here to celebrate your wins and lighten your heart and your burden through your challenges.


Our community is working to evolve the world's happiness and reverse the mental wellness crisis by teaching people to strengthen their intuition and transform how they relate to their emotional and energetic well-being. By building a community that is deeply rooted in spirituality, committed to feminine energy, and knows how to utilize the intuitive senses to manage, process and interpret the underlying energetics that fuel our lives, we plan to cultivate a culture of people that believe in themselves and know how to experience their greatest version of success!


As women we are challenged by cultural, ancestral, and familial projections of what it means to be a woman of power, courage, sovereignty and strength. The cornerstone of the priestess process lies in cultivating a safe and harmonious culture for sharing hard truths, releasing shame, and freeing ourselves from guilt and self-imposed oppression. To support you in navigating these challenges you will learn how to deepen your intimacy with: 

  • Your energy body
  • Spirit
  • Women of like-minded purpose

Support & Structure

Spiritual journeys can be tough. Knowing who to trust, what is aligned, what is right for you are all major considerations. Priestess is structured program that will safely guide you through unlocking deep-seated energies so you once and for all evolve beyond the patterns and experiences you've engaged in thus far. 

I know The Growing Pains You Feel Are Real

The potential you feel is real. But as you step into a leadership role you may find yourself experiencing frustration and confusion--AND often times you may just want to quit--because you're not yet making the impact that reflects your full potential and lacking clarity on how to specifically weave your feminine intelligence into the main stream masculine daily model of push-push/ go-go. 

We are being called across the planet and from every cell in our bodies to transform. 

This call comes from within and echos throughout the planet & the cosmos.

Unlike any generation before us we get to usher in a new way of living on our planet. It’s uncomfortable. It’s constricted.
It's a living experience.

Understanding this deep desire for growth opens an entirely new dimension and understanding of my inner power, guidance, and knowing. I now feel energized, not drained, confident, despite uncertainty, and a profound ability to express the fullness of who I am and my gifts, no matter the circumstances. This internal alignment was met with an even more powerful ability to find community and create alignment in my relationships and work that deeply nourish my soul. 

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