The Priestess Journey

Do you wish you could discover an experience that would really, truly change everything?

Specifically, a community where your divine truth and greatest potential was celebrated in a fun dynamic way and the material changed the way you saw yourself and your life?

Welcome to Priestess...



The Priestess fills a void in our current self-development and mental wellness paradigm by sharing techniques & teachings that facilitate self-discovered individual spirituality. these teachings and tools offer a vital link between traditional therapy, coaching, and religious leadership and the soul’s destined path. priestesses weave all facets of spirituality, energy medicine, and quantum perspective into daily reality so that individuals may achieve their ultimate wellness goals and recognize their dreams in relationships, career, health, and financial well being.

Embody Your Greatest Potential

Our Priestess mystery school training is is an all-inclusive training that empowers you to take your spiritual journey to the next level.

  • Optimize Your Energy O.Y.E!

    Learn to up-regulate the energy matrix that informs your body, carries your genetic inheritance and determines your destiny. As you discover how to work with genetic and energetic inheritances, you will prime your brain to experience higher states of consciousness.

  • Transform through Mythology

    Experience profound holistic personal transformation and connect to a lineage of Priestesses and New Earth Keepers as you re-member the skills and tools to make energetic, emotional, nutritional and lifestyle changes for exceptional health and to fulfill your greatest dreams.

  • Join the Evolution

    Join the thousands of Priestess graduates who are ushering in a new paradigm of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Discover the Priestess Process, a system founded on the experience of Knowing Thyself through oneness and restoring your inner harmony.

On Your Priestess Journey

The Priestess Training Process is a personal spirituality and professional development program that blends energy medicine, sacred ritual, living ceremony, and feminine leadership with the sacred wisdom teachings of the Magdalene Ministries. Following in the Lineage of Nicole Christine, the sacred work of the Priestess Process is to harmonize the divine feminine and divine masculine inner in order to activate each woman’s greatest expression of her feminine genius and play a role in the activation of New Earth Living Consciousnesses of truth, light, and love.

Our online program offers you the same comprehensive skills as our residential program, but with the added bonus that you can learn anytime, anywhere—from your computer, tablet or smartphone!

Click below to request our curriculum and learn about  the skills you'll master on your Priestess Journey.