The paradigm has shifted.

You have shifted.

The way we used to live our lives, set goals, do business and magnetize, attract, connect and communicate has shifted...

BEFORE: Success came easily with a lot of hard work, focus and determination.

NOW: There are so many unseen variables--at every level that the foundation of everything is getting rocked to the core.

We are all being stripped down, shaken up, and challenged to DECIDE who we want to be and what really matters most!

NOW success is only recognized when your spiritual self is what fuels your core.


next year...

getting thrown of track...

second guessing...

dreading the set backs...

 It's your time to discover what your soul wants & PROSPER...


 Discover Your Direction 2022

with Rev. Kari

Is the Celestial Earth School Guide to the inner work to navigate the new year and break through to the next level. In this course, Rev. Kari challenges your perception of reality by guiding you through the elemental principles that matter most to your soul.

DISCOVER YOUR DIRECTION 2022 In this introductory online workshop, Rev. Kari teaches the power of directed consciousness to alter outcomes. Weaving the ancient lineage of the Shamanic Priest/ess with modern mindset and new earth consciousness attunements--and lots of ART and intuitive teaching models you'll experience the Priestess model to:

  • Harness your spiritual power to overcome doubt in yourself & your abilities
  • Take a stand as you get clear on ideas & who you serve
  • Build your spiritual foundation and overcome judgement from others
  • Transform the patterns that keep your from experiencing prosperity
  • Discover the inner work to build your dream and know the energetics behind your goals 
  • Feel empowered to confidently make the intuitive shifts to maintain momentum and take your impact to the next level!

It's YOUR year to PROSPER...

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Discover Your Direction 2022

A Highly Unique Priest/ess Workshop

In this workshop, I'll take you through exactly how to harness the power of each direction and how to utilize their elemental secrets to stay aligned with what matters most ALL YEAR LONG!

As we align the energy of 2022 you'll discover:

  • How to intuitively align with each direction throughout the year by utilizing the corresponding Goddess, element, and astrology.
  • The major astrological fluctuations and the opportunities for growth each presents by focusing on the quarterly energy so as boundaries break down you feel authentically aligned 
  • Establish a Spiritual Plan that aligns with each direction.
  • Learn the elements and how to manifest with them through art and your outlined Manifesting Mesa
  • How to intuitively align with the elements and utilize each direction to manifest your desired outcomes.
  • Establish ritual and routine that connects you to your Spiritual Path throughout the year as confident as you step out into the world and make the impact that only you can make.

What's more....

This unique workshop format is designed to unlock your intuitive magic so you stay intuitively connected to the forces that are guiding you through the year.

By the end you'll have an outlined linear path (for right side of brain), corresponding art (left side of brain), and ritual, routine, meditation and affirmation for each quarter.


...If you’re ready to go all in on yourself and awaken your inner genius to an endless supply of creativity, enthusiasm and support so you may create the life you’ve always wanted, you’re in the right place.

DISCOVER YOUR DIRECTION 2022 is the solution for you if you’ve tried all of the self help tools before and want to start doing this work so you can finally create real change. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

The payment is $247. It’s the best spiritual training value anywhere. 

Experience the training. 



But don't take my Word...

Here's What Other's are Saying ...

Aileen Castellano, Wealthness Coach and Ascension Mentor

Kari opened up another dimension of understanding. Kari beautifully explains complex concepts so they're easy to understand and every day helps me stay rooted in my greater vision. I’m so deeply grateful to be part of such a powerful program.

Dr. Shivani Gupta, Modern Ayurveda & Fusionary Formulas

Time with Kari is priceless. Working with Kari is a powerful step in the direction of exceeding my own expectations. Kari’s Method integrates beautifully with my teachings in Ayurveda, making it easy to ground and manifest. Kari is a phenomenal teacher!



 January 22, 2022

Priest/ess tools for a  Prosperous life:


    • Watch the replay at your convenience.
    • Wear comfy clothes.
    • Activate your creativity and allow the left side (analytical) of your brain to relax.
    • Have a great time with a lot of laughs because I love laughing and learning!
    • Be a part of a global community of spiritual entrepreneurs that are aligning with their spirit and saying YES to themselves.

    You can also expect:

    • A materials list
    • Direction Handouts and their Corresponding Power/Magic
    • A Manifesting Prosperity Mesa Art Template
    • BONUS: Align to the directions and elements meditations

Learn from my 15 years AND all of my mistakes....

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the intuitive world of ancient tradition, story telling, writing, and modern thought leadership perspectives.

These teachings are the internal secrets I needed to fine tune and expand so I could make the greatest external impact!

And I can't wait to share them with you!

 Here's to your success in 2022!

See you inside!

Xo, Kari