Up-Level Your Energy

 The better we know ourselves, the easier it is to have FAITH in our ability to make the impossible a reality. 

 Join the global community participating in the 1st #theRunningOnFaithInitiative!

The #theRunningonFaithInitiative is a free online movement to inspire everyone to have #FAITH in themselves and the universe in order to UP-LEVEL your energy and take control of your destiny.

Anyone can join, (YES, You!). The idea is SIMPLE: For 7 days up-level your energy through Goddess meditations that focus on Inspiration, Confidence, Partnership, Motivation, Growth, and Creativity!

7 Goddesses. 1 Goal. Infinite Possibilities.

7 Goddesses:

You control your destiny with your energy. But what's controlling your energy? Your personal narrative directly impacts our outcomes in life--and yet it is guided by the outside influences such as family, culture, relationships, and media. Through the key myths and legends of the goddesses you'll  connect with your own narrative and shift your inner levels of motivation. inspiration, confidence, partnerships, growth, and creativity.

1 Goal:

Know thyself and connect with what matters most! The better we know ourselves the easier it is to stay motivated, inspired, energized and creative. Through 7 simple, quick Goddess Meditations learn to overcome the emotional resistance that keeps you from achieving your goals. 

Infinite Possibilities:

The better we know ourselves the easier it is to have FAITH in our ability to make the impossible possible. Learn to partner with the forces beyond that help shape our destiny and utilize them with everyday goals to achieve outcomes that exceed your greatest expectations!

#the RunningonFAITH Initiative starts:

October 29, 2020  20 minutes Every day at 8:30 am for 77 days

Here's how to play:



(You can't access the meditations without the link.)

Commit to meditating with the Goddesses 7 of the 77 days! Get the Seven Stories and learn how these archetypes influence your inner MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION, CONFIDENCE, PARTNERSHIPS, GROWTH and CREATIVITY. 




Join us in the Running on Faith Facebook group here and get Initiative guidance, support, tips, updates, and inspiration. Everything you ever wanted to know about your seven inner goddess stories and the ROF Initiative!




Sign up here and commit to at least 7 days of meditation with the goddesses--And then let your friends and followers know that you're doing the initiative by sharing one of the images below or creating your own. Tag your announcement with #theRunningonFAITHinitiative so that other people participating in the initiative can find you. 


GET READY TO KICK OFF THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29th, 2020--20 minutes 8:30 am Everyday and will run for 77 DAYS!

Plan for 7 Days of Goddess CONNECTION

Get ready to spend 7 days getting to KNOW YOURSELF BETTER by 1)  connecting to your Inner Goddess for 7 days with me live! 2) share each instance of connection on Instagram and 3) inviting friends to join you.

Not sure how to meditate & connect? We've got you covered with tips, tricks and all the recorded guidance you could need. If you miss a day. It's ok! Keep going.

Reading this after October 29th? That's ok! #therunningonfaithinitiative will run for 77 Days so any day is a GREAT day to get to know yourself better and start your #therunningonfaithinitiative journey!

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Monique Catoggio

Working with the goddesses was completely brand new for me--and I can never go back! I've learned a whole new level of spiritual support that I didn't know existed. I can now identify the different feminine archetypes within me and call on those energies when I need them. I honor my feminine and masculine energies so much more through understanding the mythology of the goddesses!