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Having spiritually mentored countless individuals I deeply understand the challenges we all face in the evolutionary journey of our souls.

Whether a parent of a teen just taking the reins or a mentor or coach empowering a client to pick them back up again, knowing what the soul is up to and how it fits into the overall picture can be the difference between a successful launch...or NOT. 

Soul School's Online Support is our response to:

1. Fear and shame that you should know what you should be doing--and always have answers.

2. Spiritual training that's needed beyond conventional support systems (e.g. religion, talk therapy) that are rooted in old structures.

3. Ever present need to nourish the nervous system (just like 300 years ago we learned dental care), including the mechanics of stress and our quantum energy body.

4. For society to teach intuition, the power of faith, and fitting out because you know the things you sense and feel are real--just not yet manifest yet.

5. Parents needing a next generation perspective on the soul's evolution and the advanced "spiritual"/energetic abilities of their kids (and why they are challenged in our current paradigm).

6. Leaders, mentors, coaches and therapists need to understand and support their communities.


Soul School Online Learning Platform

Includes Spiritual Embodiment Coaching Level 1 Videos as well as 30 Day Take a Mindbreak meditation challenge. If you are a DIY learner, this is all you could ever ask for to establish a good solid energetic & spiritual foundation.

Private Facebook group including the Soul School community

Wondering about signs and synchronicity. Feeling an intuitive hit but not sure to take action on it? Have a big decision to make but can't quite see the energy around it? Sign on and discover critical spiritual and energetic perspectives, laughter, support and community.

Weekly One Hour Chat with Rev. Kari the Founder of Soul School

Every week get your questions answered and an intuitive read on soul's latest endeavors. Rev. Kari is an interfaith minister, spiritual expert, coach, and mom. The call begins with a Q&A and moves into a weekly spiritual development topic (everything from anciient wisdom, soul mechanics, energy medicine, to best rituals and routines to enhance your intuitive abilities). It's an expert at your fingertips on a weekly basis--for mere fraction of the price!

Weekly Breath/Meditation

Take a 20 Minute Mindbreak and connect energetically with the best spiritual posse ever! Just open your zoom or call in. Meditations are relevant to the week's current topic and serve as an excellent means to integrate whatever energy you may be working through!

Recorded Calls & Classroom Library

Curious about different energy systems? How to use a pendulum or read a deck of cards? Soul School gives you access to the library of goodies that people have asked for training in over the years. Don't see what your looking for--just ask (it may show up in a future week!)




My name is Kari Caldwell and for years I felt restless as I struggled to honor this critical calling.

I was desperate to live the life I intuitively sensed I was born to live--and  for years I thought it was because I didn't have the right words or understanding. I thought people would think I was crazy....

But I persevered and immersed myself in every program I could find from spiritual and energy medicine to business and entrepreneurial development. 

I never gave up on trying to understand that more--and eventually, I became a Holistic Health Coach and an Ordained Interfaith Minister--and ultimately a High Priestess that specializes in the mechanics of our soul's journey.

Join me! It's your time to experience a community that totally gets your empathic thoughts and knows how to guide and support you in achieving your next level of awesome!


Join our tribe of people who celebrate life, creativity, and community. Enjoy monthly musings, Receive special invitations, and free master classes to keep you feeling uplifted, inspired and connected.