An On-Demand & In Person Immersion to Activate Your Inner Priestess Archetype


The Priestess Process found me at a time in my life when despite extensive spiritual experience, I found myself at an all time low. It seemed that for every "win" I achieved in my internal world, a significant mis-alignment would appear in my external reality. I found myself caught in a void; work that used to refresh and re-change me, left me drained and exhausted, and relationships that previously were a deep source of nourishment, became distant and disconnected.

I was alone. The more powerful I became on the inside, the more I sensed my world shrinking away from me.  I longed to experience the "biggness" of who I was, but the more effort I put into my work, relationships, and spiritual center, the deeper the void became. 

I felt lost. But I knew quitting was not an option. And that's when the Priestess Process found me. 


Now, I've never felt so good!

Priestess activated an entirely new dimension and understanding of my inner power, guidance, and knowing. This internal alignment was met with an even more powerful ability to find community and create alignment in my relationships and work that deeply nourish my soul. I now feel energized, not drained, confident, despite uncertainty, and a profound ability to express the fullness of who I am and my gifts, no matter the circumstances. 



Are you ready to activate an unprecedented level of knowing, clarity, and calm? Becoming a priestess is a Divine calling from within to step into a greater level of spiritual leadership within and without. Most who follow this path of initiation say it is one of the most powerful activations they have ever done. The priestess archetype opens the doorway to the Divine within and unfolds her mysteries. If you fully engage this initiation, you’ll emerge with stronger internal reference points than you’ve ever previously experienced.

If you want to join Priestess, here's how it works:


1) Schedule your Priestess Call with Kari,

2) Explore the process during the Awakening to Priestess and start building your Priestess Foundation and attune to the finer vibrations of the divine feminine field with videos, meditations, & group calls.

3) At the completion of Awaken to Priestess initiates will choose to fully embark upon the Priestess Journey. (Once initiated candidates are committed to the full journey of the process.)

4) Priestess  groups will meet via zoom for 90 min 2x per month. Calls will focus on check-ins and preparation for in person events.

5) There will be three Priestess weekend Retreats available to initiates (typically all day Friday & Saturday) to facilitate living ceremony and sacred rituals together. Attendance is not mandatory for 1st & 2nd retreats, BUT is STRONGLY encouraged. 3rd retreat is mandatory to complete the process.



The Priestess Process is a four part in person and online training that activates your inner Priestess by weaving ancient ritual & living ceremony into modern daily reality. Over the course of our 11 months together we will:

Solid foundations are the key to long term success. In this phase you'll learn your intuitive strengths and how to strengthen your intuitive connection to the deep recesses of your soul. This foundation will help you digest more dense energies so you may integrate and embody the subtle vibrations of the divine feminine. 

AWAKEN TO PRIESTESS includes videos, group calls and the Priestess Initiation Meditation Series

You will learn:

  • to attune to subtle vibrations of priestess archetype
  • Your intuitive strengths
  • Primary Goddess
  • Priestess Purpose
  • To expand your capacity to digest and process energies on a broader scale

Upon completion of this phase you will choose to fully Initiate into the Priestess Process.

With our societies overbearing focus on the masculine energies of push-push, go-go, most women have learned to achieve success--at all costs. The maiden activation is the first experience of the Priestess Archetype that activates an inner remembering of wholeness and power without effort.

During the Maiden phase you will prepare to fully establish and anchor your Priestess archetype through Sacred Feminine Ritual, art and Story sharing. 


In retreat we will journey to ancient temple, explore sacred feminine ritual, and claim our purpose as Priestess and celebrate your Soul Story sharing in ceremony.


We will share time together with group calls. Retreat for this phase is not mandatory, BUT highly encouraged for full activation and deepening of Priestess archetype activation.

The Divine Feminine Mother is a largely mis-understood archetype. Collectively written out of historical memory, modern society undervalues and represses the gifts of this subtle vibration. The Mother activation re-balances both masculine and feminine energies on a physical and spiritual level, so that the mind may release its compulsion to stay in a push-go masculine mode. 

Through story and living ceremony in the MOTHER phase we will prepare to connect and heal the masculine and feminine energies and archetypes

During Retreat we will experience:

Medicine Wheel Honoring of masculine, feminine, and spirit animals

Experience Inner Sacred Marriage to ignite your full co-creation fire

We will share time together with group calls. Retreat for this phase is not mandatory, BUT highly encouraged for full activation and deepening of Priestess archetype activation.

Perspective is the key to success when navigating lifes ups and downs. The Crone Archetype offers new conceptualizations for staying in the flow of life. Employing the collective wisdom of all Priests and Priestess, the Crone activates a deep seated remembering of lessons and wisdom allow you to nurture aliveness, clarity, peace, and calm in every thing you do. 

We will prepare through exploring the inner energy body healing modalities, activate your personal divinity, and galactic council for guidance to expand your conscious remembering of your soul force and power.

During retreat we will journey through shamanic death and rebirth as you prepare for your Self Proclamation as Priestess identify your primary Goddesses and experience the Emergence ceremony.

We will share time together with group calls. Retreat for this phase is mandatory. 


Two monthly Group Calls

Priestess  Archetype Activation Meditations

Video Training & Exercises to deepen Intuition, identify Primary Creation Goddesses, Priestess/Soul Purpose

(there are no in person events for the initiation phase)


Three 2 day weekend retreats

WhatsApp group

1-1 Energy Body Honoring Ceremony conducted by high priestesses

Soul Purpose Astrological reading

Living ceremony ritual & facilitation @ retreats

Access to the Priestess community & 25+ years of lineage



Your Feminine Formula for Flow

Digest & process energy to feel more energized through the day and not carry energetic baggage

Your core intuitive strengths so you stop second guessing and show up as your best version of yourself ALL of the time

Spiritual team to deepen your faith and expand the dimensions of your soul purpose and work

Priestess Purpose to gain clarity and insight make choices with confidence


How to co-create your dreams by serving as a conduit between the divine and physical realities

How to conduct & hold Living Ceremony

Priestess ritual and etiquette

How to build living temples

How to proclaim and conduct self as Priestess

Establish and strengthen your energy channels to become a clear conduit for divine spirit energy

Is Priestess right for me?


Whether hailing from a corporate, or entrepreneurial background women who participate in Priestess are united by their strong desire to further deepen their spirituality from the inside out. Representing a diverse variety of life experiences and accomplishments, Priestesses bring an array of religious backgrounds and perspectives and the unified desire to express themselves fully. The Priestess archetype expresses multi-culturally, in pure spirituality, and multi-religions. Priestesses may connect to the Divine in nature just as well as in any home, church, synagogue, or temple.


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Schedule your complimentary Priestess Discovery call with Kari and awaken to your inner priestess.


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