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How much of an impact have you made in the last year?

Could it be more? Do you feel like just when your momentum would build...another interruption would steer you off course? If you don’t absolutely love the answers to these questions, Soul School is for you.

Soul School is designed for people ready to answer the call of spirit, and harness the power of their soul to not only maintain momentum, but also start living in their greatest potential. 

My name is Kari Caldwell and for years I felt restless as I struggled to honor this critical calling.

I was desperate to live the life I intuitively sensed I was born to live--and  for years I thought it was because I didn't have the right words or understanding. I thought people would think I was crazy....

But I persevered and immersed myself in every program I could find from spiritual and energy medicine to business and entrepreneurial development. 

I never gave up on trying to understand that more--and eventually, I became a Holistic Health Coach and an Ordained Interfaith Minister--and ultimately a High Priestess that specializes in the mechanics of our soul's journey.

Join me! It's your time to experience a community that totally gets your empathic thoughts and knows how to guide and support you in achieving your next level of awesome!

It's your time to Prosper!


Are you ready to harness the power of your Soul?

If you feel stuck and are tired of struggling to break through, Soul School is for you.

In this online Spiritual Mastermind, Rev. Kari teaches the power of Soul Care; using directed consciousness to alter your outcomes. Weaving the ancient lineage of the Shamanic Priest/ess with modern mindset, goddess & new earth consciousness attunements--you'll experience the intuitive teaching model to manifest your greatest reality. 

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Here's what you'll discover in SOUL SCHOOL.


When you join Soul School, you get instant access to the SOUL CARE resources & tools you need to awaken deep levels of your spirituality so you can start experiencing changes immediately.

Starting with the Discover Your Direction Workshop, the the training takes you deep into the Soul Care model and helps you establish a strong spiritual foundation for the year. Then expanding on the model the mastermind supports you in breaking through to the next level.  You will learn to strengthen your intuition and navigate your life from a spiritual perspective through the following

  • a monthly Goddess/spiritual training, including a monthly live spiritual group attunement 
  • training in all elements of the Soul Care model, including astrology, goddess, elements & mesa
  • a monthly live intuitive group mentoring call for q & a.
  • Astrological alignment
  • Mystery school insights & curriculum
  • access to the vast Unveiling Library of meditations and attunements to support you on your journey
This alone is an immense amount of value for what you pay each month. But you’ll get even more.

Weaving ancient mystery teachings with modern mindset perspectives, and a unique energetic attunement technique that connects you to the living consciousness of the goddess, you’ll learn how to create lasting partnership with the divine to unveil your Soul's strengths and how to apply them to your life, so you can confidently solve any problem and powerfully create your next-level reality.

No other school utilizes this model--or gives you access to this technique; it’s what makes Soul School different.

The Model reveals when we use intuition to access and direct our power, emotions to claim and enhance it, intention to maintain momentum when it is challenged, and action to integrate and embody our greatest spiritual potential we are able to align our daily reality with our destiny. Any desire or problem can be put to the model to discover where your power is challenged and how to overcome it.

Each month we focus on different aspects of astrology/elements/goddess to enhance your connection to your own divine consciousness. The more you know your Soulful-Self and create opportunities to explore this potential, the more your intuitive and spiritual gifts will expand, thus making daily problems that once held you back, irrelevant, so you may take control of the results you create in your life… and make the impact you’re called to create.


Process emotions from the body to create more energy

Confidently take action aligned with your astrology & spiritual potential

Collaborate with the living consciousness of spirit to maintain momentum, and motivate to get more done in less time

Expand your intuitive ability to make subtle energetic alignments that reduce frustration and ease anxiety, stress, worry and boredom

Harness the spiritual power within you to break through patterns and make a lasting impact

Awaken an ancient lineage within your subconscious through the wisdom and vibrational fields of the Magdalene, spiritual DNA, Metatron, Numerology, Christ Consciousness, the Goddess, among many more


If you’re ready to go all in on yourself and awaken your inner genius to an endless supply of creativity, enthusiasm and support so you may create the life you’ve always wanted, you’re in the right place.

SOUL SCHOOL is the solution for you if you’ve tried all of the self help tools before and want to start doing this work so you can finally create real change. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

The monthly payment is $77. It’s the best spiritual mentoring value anywhere. 

Experience the training. Cancel at anytime*.


*with 30 day notice



But don't take my Word...

Here's What Other's are Saying About 


Aileen Castellano, Wealthness Coach and Ascension Mentor

Kari opened up another dimension of understanding. Kari beautifully explains complex concepts so they're easy to understand and every day helps me stay rooted in my greater vision. I’m so deeply grateful to be part of such a powerful program.

Dr. Shivani Gupta, Modern Ayurveda & Fusionary Formulas

Time with Kari is priceless. Working with Kari is a powerful step in the direction of exceeding my own expectations. Kari’s Method integrates beautifully with my teachings in Ayurveda, making it easy to ground and manifest. Kari is a phenomenal teacher!


What You'll Get in SOUL SCHOOL


Having spiritually mentored countless individuals I deeply understand the challenges we all face in the evolutionary journey of our souls.

Whether an entrepreneur, business executive just taking the reins of your spiritual journey or a mentor or coach empowering a client to pick them back up again, knowing what the soul is up to and how it fits into the overall picture can be the difference between a successful life...or NOT. 

Devotional tools for a Soul Fed life:


  • Monthly Masterclass topics such as Goddess, Magdalene, Techniques/Mindset to Optimize Your Energy, Metatron, Council of Light, the Akashic Records, Angels & Numerology, Rising Feminine Archetypes and more
  • Powerful activations and initiations to connect you to the wisdom of your soul
  • Beautiful rituals + everyday sacred DIY's
  • Powerful meditations for healing, manifestation and increasing your intuition

Soul School is my response to:

1. Fear and shame that you should know what you should be doing--and always have answers.

2. Spiritual training that's needed beyond conventional support systems (e.g. religion, talk therapy) that are rooted in old structures.

3. Ever present need to nourish the nervous system (just like 300 years ago we learned dental care), including the mechanics of stress and our quantum energy body.

4. For society to teach intuition, the power of faith, and fitting out because you know the things you sense and feel are real--just not yet manifest yet.

5. Parents needing a next generation perspective on the soul's evolution and the advanced "spiritual"/energetic abilities of their kids (and why they are challenged in our current paradigm).

6. Leaders, mentors, coaches and therapists need to understand and support their communities.