Spiritual DNA Reprogramming - Fractal Integration


Please be sure to allocate sufficient undisturbed time for this 90 Min Healing.

DNA Reprogramming is a deep healing that focuses on accessing and deprogramming the root cause of trauma, pain suffering and blockages. Creating opportunity to eliminate emotional and physical patterns at the source of inception by removing physical and non physical aspects that hinder the embodiment of your highest expression.

Your 1.5 hour Consultation includes the following:

1. Activation and training on utilizing the energetic technology of the body.

2.Chakra and multidimensional body to identify blockages, cords, contracts and fragmentation of the soul.

3. Activation of highest vibrational signature. (you will learn to use this)

4. Deep meditation and regressed in memory utilizing hypnotic therapy techniques.

5. Root cause of where energetics are inhibited.

6. Clearing and heal cyclical ancestral patterns. 

7. Clearing of the lineage which holds these programs and reprograming source energies within your energetic body. 

8. Release ancestral soul edits and integrate soul fragments

9. Activation of a unique source Vibrational Frequency to Heal your organism and reprogram your DNA.

10. The multidimensional body is then scanned to remove and clear blockages/entities, contractual agreements with illness and Cords.

11. The Chakras are cleared and re-balanced.

12. A complete realignment and re-connection to source.

Sessions are currently held through zoom only.

For cancellations, you have 24hrs after booking, then no refunds are issued for one on one sessions. Please be sure to follow the Unveiling Meditation to prepare for your consultation.

Strict 24 hr post booking policy is enforced - No refunds or cancellations will be offered- see Terms and Conditions


Preparation for your session begins 24 hours prior. Please be conscious of activities prior and following our work together.

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Here's What Other's are Saying About the Consultation

Michelle Alva, Life Coach, NLP, Tantra Practitioner

I had an unveiling session w Kari which was a beautiful reminder of the amazing priestess, goddess and Queen that I am. She made me aware of how I am intuitively living so aligned to my purpose and mission. It felt so reassuring for me to experience this session w her. Kari is very intuitive and so caring. I highly recommend her consultations for anyone who wishes to go deeper and receive affirmation of their path, purpose, grand mission, and from a sacred and divine soulfully rich perspective. Thank you for the angelic presence and nurturing, loving energy you bring Kari! My heart is smiling just thinking of our time together. Thank you again for Being and radiating your beautiful energy and presence. 

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Ready to let go of the fear, the anxiety and the need to control?

Ready to learn to trust that the Universe has a plan far better than yours?

Ready to live a life that's better than anything you could have imagined?

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