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And get the latest Weekly LIVE Unveiling Meditations & Attunements to awaken your greatest spiritual potential, along with personal insights, the latest news, events & exclusive offers.

Join the Unveiling


And get the latest Weekly LIVE Unveiling Meditations & Attunements to awaken your greatest spiritual potential, along with personal insights, the latest news, events & exclusive offers.

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Awaken your Greatest Spiritual Potential!

Experience Rev. Kari Caldwell and the Unveiling Meditations and awaken  your soul's greatest potential. With a unique ability to help you connect to the goddess and mystery teachings through meditation Rev. Kari guides you on a journey to awaken your soul's evolutionary potential. Setting the standard for mystery schools and spiritual development training Kari is obsessed with helping you embody your highest self and spiritualize your life so your greatest dreams become your reality. 

Unveiling Meditation for Sept. 30

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What do I do?

Your soul has ONE agenda: to EVOLVE. 

But this evolution doesn't always align with your daily reality. When you learn to think, act, and choose from your soul, you'll be blown away by what you are able to create and how easy it is to live the life you've always wanted.

What do I do? I train you to think like a soul, take control of your destiny, and live your potential.

Optimize Your Energy: Think Like a Soul

Through Unveiling Meditations and divine feminine mindset training illuminate what's behind your choices and uncover what makes you remarkable, so you can overcome setbacks, maintain momentum, and love what you're doing and how you feel while doing it!


Control Your Destiny

Tired of push/go and feeling out of control? Ready to recalibrate your relationships, feel connected to community, and confidently choose yourself and your dreams? Discover your Inner Goddess and get ready to take control of your destiny.


Live Your Greatest Potential 

Don't just activate your field of potential but learn to create and live within your own signature manifesting field to fulfill your dreams. 


You were born to

Live Beyond the Veil


LIVE T/W/TR 8:30 am EST

As a High Priestess, Rev. Kari is constantly Unveiling spiritual experiences and opportunities for you to connect to your greatest potential. Get inspired and experience all facets of your spiritual potential as we deep dive into everything from the goddesses angels and elementals, to Pleiadean journeys, to mind/body emotional detoxes.  Join the mailing list to access the LIVE meditations meditations and attunements. 

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Spiritualize your life-- completely. No matter what level of spiritual experience, we give you the tools, attunements, meditations, and support to up-level your spiritual acuity. In Beyond the Veil you will learn to utilize your intuitive senses to manage, process, and interpret the underlying energetics and emotions that fuel your life. Discover OYE! Meditation training, the Unveiling Meditation Library & classes, goddess workshops,  and live classes & attunements to take your intuitive skills to the next level.

Be Guided

Awaken to the lineage of the Ancient Priestess and discover the ultimate soul unveiling. Learn the values of the Magdalene and ancient mystery school teachings as you master your ability to run your energy to experience your greatest spiritual potential. In this ultimate sacred soul immersion, you'll discover the unseen forces that shape your daily life and how to use them to open doorways to opportunities that propel you to unexpected levels, including how to guide other priestesses and birth the new celestial earth consciousness.

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Monique Catoggio

Illumined Life Leadership

Working with Kari & Soul Star & the Goddesses was completely brand new for me--and I can never go back! I've learned a whole new level of spiritual support that I didn't know existed. I can now identify the different feminine archetypes within me and call on those energies when I need them. I honor my feminine and masculine energies so much more through understanding the mythology of the goddesses!

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Rev. Kari, High Priestess & Spiritual Catalyst

As a High Priestess and Spiritual Catalyst I'm obsessed with helping influencers, coaches, and change makers awaken and weave their greatest spiritual potential into their daily lives and businesses. As a spiritual entrepreneur, I've navigated many successful (and unsuccessful) journeys and learned (the hard way) the true meaning of grit and the power of faith.  I love weaving the the goddess and mystery teachings into modern perspectives to help you catalyze your spiritual potential into your greatest reality. Join me and discover what's waiting for you --just beyond the veil.

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Live Beyond the Veil....

We are Looking for You!

Calling all coaches, creatives, entrepreneurs, healers, speakers, teachers, leaders and visionaries.
Our community is working to evolve the world's happiness and reverse the  mental wellness crisis by inspiring people to strengthen their intuition & transform how they relate to their emotional and energetic wellbeing--and we need your help!
By building a community that is deeply rooted New Earth Consciousness, spirituality, committed to feminine energy & knows how to utilize the intuitive senses to manage, process, and interpret the underlying energetics and emotions that fuel our lives we plan to cultivate a culture of people that believe in themselves and experience their own version of success--worldwide!
Join us in holding the light and Awaken to Priestess!


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