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Your Insecurities Make You Powerful and Unique - Embrace Them!

being tall egyptian mythology empowerment female feminine goddess health how to cope ignite insecurities nut self-help Feb 24, 2020

I am not so small,

In fact rather large.

Nearly six feet. 

Everyone thinks I'm in charge.


But so much of my life 

This size causes strain.

I struggle to carry 

The weight and the pain

Of all those who think 

I’ve got it all sorted out -

Of all those who think

When you’re big 

You don’t doubt.


All the times that I feel larger than life

It really is frustrating.

It just isn't right

You shouldn’t feel like you 

will knock someone down.



How much of my life have I played it small?

Just trying to fit in

And not fall.

Into that despicable pit 

Of worry and shame

You must fit in.

You must look the same!


Life is much easier

When you play the game


Just because you feel larger than life

Or as though you could knock someone down


But when we stand tall

We can really stand out.

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