The Feminine Influencers Podcast

Know Your Value & Claim Your Worth

Who better to teach us how to hold our value and access our inner feminine, than the original Influencers--the Divine Feminine Goddesses. 

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Life will put a number of paths before us. Every path comes with two choices. Which will we choose? Good or dark? Kindness or anger? Love or hate? Let's explore the Goddess Hecate and our choices. 

Even through hardships, sadness, or even loss, the world is full of possibilities for us to grow. Whether spiritually, intelectually, or physically, we can improve ourselves. Let's explore the Goddess Pachamama and what we can learn from her! 

It may be hard to see the good through the bad or evil (let alone miracles). Let's explore the Goddess Sheila Na Gig and how we can better recognize the good while in the bad.

During this Easter season, Eostre brings us hope and faith. Reminding us of the good things to come and creating ourselves to be a better individual. Let's explore the Goddess Eostre and what we can apply in our lives!

The ability to let go of what no longer serves us will allow us to not only be stronger and grow, but emotionally allow us to feel what we have forgotten. Let's explore the Goddess Kali and what we can learn from her!

With the heaviness that has surrounded us lately, our perspective can be one of despair, sadness, grief, etc. However, by changing it into that of one with childlike innocense, we will be able to have hope, happiness, and be able to follow out hearts desires. Let's explore the Goddess Persephone as she helps us on our journey!

Life we will have ups and downs, days of confidence and days with the lack of it, fear and courage. As we traverse the mountains of life, let's explore the Goddess Nut and how to be manage the course! 

Spring Equinox has arrived! Which means it's time to start focusing on what we want and what we can create. Let's see what we can learn from the Goddess Inanna and how we can do it!

We as individuals feel the need to be a type of warrior in our everyday life as a sense of self. However, how can changing ourselves and learning to love more than battle help us grow? Let's explore the Goddess Kuan Yin and how to surrender ourselves to improvement.

The masculine and feminine energy live together but have very different purposes. We often times follow our natural reactions to life, not focusing on how to control and use these energies to our advantage. Let's explore the Goddess Yemaya and learn how to properly use these different energies.

One of the most difficult battles is between mind-and-heart, body-and-soul, failure and success and how to use all of these moments to help form who we are. Let's explore the Goddess Freya and how to trust ourselves! 

Learn to take pride and be proud of who you are, your looks, your abilities, and what makes you unique! Let's explore the Goddess Lilith and how we can take pride in who we are despite our own thoughts.

 Let us slow our words and our thoughts down, be more concise and precise because no matter what we speak, good or bad, we are creating our own realities. Let's explore the Goddess Saraswati and how our negative experiences can propel us forward!

Inner fires burning bright, new dreams, new hopes, and new realities take flight! Let's explore the Goddess Brigid and how we can become who we want. 

Often times we suffer before we know the good, travel alone before having companionship, and fail before having success. Let's explore the Goddess Sedna and how we can overcome life's challenges!

Build your dreams with feminine eyes: while life may throw its difficulties at us, let us remain calm, rational, divine and feminine. Let's explore the Goddess Pallas Athena and how to find our divine identity!

Love never dies. Love endures. Love is creation. We can find our inner strength to overcome and endure, let's explore the Goddess Isis and how to be strong!

Welcome to the Feminine Influencers Podcast! Here we will explore your divine identity as a Goddess, how to ignite your  feminine fire, pursue your dreams, discover your worth and know your value.

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